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~~ It's oh so quiet ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quiet weekend.
It's been raining, and the kids has mostly been indoors. Mostly. Occassionally they like to sneak out and jump on the trampoline despite the rain and wetness (at sunny/non-rainy days they like to bring their own buckets of water, did I mention this already?? Weirdos!). Which results in immediate hot tub-baths for them when done. With the husband gone this weekend too (this time for a bachelor/stagparty for a childhood friend whose wedding we'll attend later this fall) I've gotten around to do a lot of crafty stuff while drinking wine and watching Weeds. Perfect evenings. YAY!

Todays Pencillines is a simple layout - whipped out some old papers (MME & American Crafts) paired with Fancy Pants, Hambly and Prima. As most children (I assume), the little one is quite into phones - when it rings she usually thinks it's grandma calling, hence she wants to talk in the phone too. So when it turns out to be salesmen or people from the practice or whoever calling she gets disappointed because she still doesn't get why she can't speak on the phone when we're done too. So sometimes we call up again from the cellphones so she gets to talk a lil too. Guess that's why it takes her so long to realize & accept when a phonecall isn't for her :p

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  1.'> 10:16 AM

    wow, that layout is just perfect, just adore it!!


  2. S_U_F_69 Said,'> 12:23 AM

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  3. S_U_F_69 Said,'> 12:27 AM

    Sånn, nå ble det riktig her!! Måtte slette litt, men i hvertfall en nydelig layout du har her. Blir imponert hver gang hvordan du setter sammen fargene. Så knæsj med den blå bakgrunnen. Å Ania jeg digger det blå arket, så kommentaren din fikk meg til å flire godt :lol: Jeg har samme ark i flere farger, så følg med, hehe. Nå snakker jeg om Stripa og overraskende at du plukka ut akkurat den layouten, men det var kjekt *klem*.


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