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~~ The stars aligned... ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, June 26, 2008

According to scientists they have now found out that Odysseus arrived home and performed his revenge, slaughtering his wife's suitors at April 16th 1178 B.C. due to solar clues. They take the correct observations of these clues as a sign that the story - at least part of it - is true. Good. Now, I loved reading Homers "Odysseus" BUT one thing friggin annoyed me with this story (and the other greek stories I read) -- Odysseus is no stranger of cheating and stuff having had himself with what, at least two different women, I cannot recall more (it's been a few years since I read the book) - and his wife - the story states that she was persistent, resisting her suitors and stuff - but - these suitors all thought he (Odysseus) was dead no?? So what wrong did they really do (other than being rude and persistent to his wife whom they thought were a widow) to deserve being slaughtered down? Hrmf. Egos. Bet he wouldn't have liked it if the wife went ballistic on Kirke whom he loved for years when away from his wife?? Reminds me of this lil thing I wrote back then when I was reading these kind of books and got so annoyed...(in Norwegian). Oh men! :p (and yes yes's all really about power and about his land and wealth and whatever and not really "just" his wife but still :p)

Luxe is showcasing their DT and yesterday was my turn. They picked one of my layouts for june - the one with Xstine and Trude Julie at the beach in Stavanger :) Love Luxes' simple lines - esp the pink polkadot one (the simple pink line is TEH BOMB! :D I think that and capri are my faves till now :D). it just me or is the quality of the stuff I am uploading to blogger these days really really really fuzzy??? :( Hm yeah. The next photo looks fuzzy as hell too - please tell me it's just me who's seeing the piccies fuzzy?? :(

Jeje. Was at a crop last night - love the energy and atmosphere at the crops here. I didn't bring my camera with but luckily Marie did and well, I'm a sucker for photosessions *wink* - so I kinda ushered everybody out and into this phonebooth for fun...*whistle* (hey..that was fun no? =) Thanks for being so sporty ladies & thanks for bringing the camera Marie ;) ) And yes I'm the one climbing the phonebooth. *cough*

Usually I just sit and stare on the table in front of me and sigh and well, end up with one unfinished layout after a crop...but yesterday I had just gotten my Bad Girl kit for July and well, I needed to play with it so I actually did three unfinished layouts! Woah! Ofcourse...the main thing I needed was my sewing-machine at home so I just put down the basics of the layouts - but really - it was fun really feeling this kit - it's gorgeous - I totally loved it -- July is Bad Girls first anniversary, and there's a LOT of stuff planned at the message boards -- the main celebration being focused at the weekend of 4th-6th July and with free classes being posted all month (ok I don't know if Im supposed to tell right yet so shh you didn't see anything and NOT from me!!!!!). Um right. Where were I? Um, the crop. Well, went home a bit early to help my husband continuing on the bathroom - painting the walls smurf-blue. Fun :p Today we're continuing the bathroom - more blue "paint" (it's some kind of plasticky thing) and then we'll start tiling the walls methinks. I dunno. I just help out the boss :p

Oh and shh. =) Again. You saw nothing!

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  1. Ellen* Said,'> 11:14 AM

    Hehey!! Stilig gruppebilde! Er litt lei meg for at jeg ikke fikk være med:o( Men jeg fikk da rydda og ordna litt hjemme isteden... *klem*


  2.'> 11:39 AM

    Hei Ania, takk for i går.
    Veldig koselig på treff, dere er en herlig gjeng.
    Kjempe gøyt at du fikk alle ut for å ta et bilde i telefonkiosken.
    Gleder meg til å scrappe bilde.
    PS: bildet ser helt klart ut for meg :)


  3. Eli Said,'> 12:13 PM

    University of Iceland? Noe jeg ikke vet? *fnis* Treff er alltid kjekt og det var ekstra moro i telefonboksen ja. Synd vi ikke fikk alle INN i den *lol* Klem, E


  4. Aquarell Said,'> 7:02 PM

    Herlig bilde av dere... :D


  5. Sonja Said,'> 11:07 PM

    hi hi. kult bilde av oss da!!!


  6.'> 12:25 PM

    Hey there !! Love your new banner and the Luxe page is just fab !!!


  7. Anonymous Said,'> 3:36 PM

    I WISH I could find people to crop here in Sweden with! I once organised a group of 6 GAVE them all scrapbooks and the tools to work with under the assumption that we could do it on a regular...alas, it has not caught on. Congrats for putting Scandinavia on the map at least in the American world) of scrappin!


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