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Posted by Ania On Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If you ever get the (rare rare) urge to actually attempt to clean/reorganize your scrapping-stuff. D O N ' T.

This is what happened to me last night, I got the urge & thought I was SO SO SO SO freakin good cleaning the mess on my shelves & reorganizing it, placing more papers & almost my whole glimmer-mist-collection on it.

B a d . I d e a .

The shelves coudln't take the extra weight and waddayaknow, pretty much all my stuff ended up on the floor *grumble*

So yeah. Don't clean up if you're not the kind who usually do so. It's not worth it.

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  1. Trine Said,'> 11:33 PM

    ojda..! håper ikke noe snadder blei smoosha under den der du..


  2.'> 2:02 AM

    gipsskruer er fint... men det er vel ikke det du vil høre nå etterpå nei... ;-)
    Kjenner følelsen og vet jeg hadde *sagt mange ord man ikke skal* høyt hadde det skjedd meg... ;-)


  3. mo9ca Said,'> 9:54 AM

    Aaaawwww stakkars da... og du som hadde ryddet så fint og alt... Usj... Men som Ingvild sier... gipsskurer er genialt ;)
    Lykke til med å re-organisere og rydde...



  4. Anonymous Said,'> 2:22 PM

    I would have just sat there and cried. A.Lot.
    You poor thing


  5.'> 2:36 PM

    Uff så kjedelig :(
    Det frister liksom ikke til å rydde videre eller omigjen.
    Stakkars deg.
    Sender deg en trøsteklem


  6. Jingle Said,'> 3:39 PM

    Oh, dear! I'm with ya! Just let what is be what is! LOL!


  7. BabyBokChoy Said,'> 4:11 PM


    Well, thanks for the tip, I HATE cleaning up and now I for sure won't!


  8.'> 8:47 PM

    Aw man, that bites! But aren't you glad it didn't happen when you were right in the middle of a project? (trying desperately to see the brighter side) :>


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