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~~^ Have a Merry and Peaceful Christmas ^~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I know I've been a terrible blogger lately (well, to be me), and I haven't gotten around to visit others blogs to wish you a Merry Christmas either, apologizes in advance!
But 'tis the Holiday and all sooooo I hope I can be forgiven!! :)

Right - just dropping by real quick to wish you all a

God Jul!
Merry Christmas!
We started the day by driving to Build-a-Bear to get Amalie her Christmas-pressie. She had never been there before but knew exactly what to get - Hello Kitty! She didn't even look at the other options - "Hello Kitty me!"

Stuffing the Hello, Kitty herself was exciting, and she had to pick and kiss the heart herself before placing it inside the Kitty. She was so focused all the way.

After picking the clothes, dressing the Kitty and naming (Amalie: "Amalie!" - Adrian: "Amalie 2?" Amalie: "No, Amalie!") the Hello, Kitty doll she got a birth certificate and a bring-home-house for the Kitty. Merry Christmas! (and Adrian? He's getting a DS lite from his grandparents so we bought him the Spyro-game he's been coveting for weeks now (he even suggested to use his own money cause he didnt think he could wait for Christmas for the Spyro-game). Can't wait to see his face when he opens these pressies either :) )

And as I have yet to wrap up the crude culling of the Wedding pictures of my brother-in-law's wedding and now soon - the Christmas-pictures to boot - plus this being the Holiday and all...I don't expect to have much time blogging the next few days so here's the sneak-peeks of the Bad Girls January-kit which is just simply gorgeous and so perfect for January :D

19 intriguing feedbacks to '~~^ Have a Merry and Peaceful Christmas ^~~'

  1. Anette S Said,'> 4:45 PM

    Oh, jeg visste ikke at man kunne build a bear i norge! Moro!
    Kos dere masse i dag!
    God jul!!!


  2. Sasha Farina Said,'> 7:48 AM

    Merry Xmas Girl~! Kisses for Amalie and Adrian and YOU!


  3. eMeLiNe Seet Said,'> 10:51 AM



  4. Anonymous Said,'> 12:36 PM

    Ååå, så gøy å bygge sin egen bamse! Hvor i all verden gjør man det?


  5.'> 4:07 PM

    God jul ønsker helt fra Tyskland...Klem Marianne


  6. Karmele Said,'> 6:17 PM

    Merry Christmasss!!!


  7.'> 9:57 PM

    Vel overstått julaften, håper dere hadde en herlig feiring :)
    Satser på at vi får se bilder ;)
    Kos dere videre i julen,


  8.'> 10:34 PM

    Merry Christmas!!!


  9. Catrine Said,'> 12:36 AM

    Build a bear er moro!
    God jul til deg og dine! *klem*


  10. Anonymous Said,'> 6:41 AM

    Wow! I need that bear too ;)!
    As same weight as my kids were born, I guess?

    Happy holidays from snow mountain in northern Japan!


  11. gudrun Said,'> 1:31 PM

    God Jul, Ania!!


  12. Anonymous Said,'> 3:04 PM

    Merry Merry Christmas! LOVE all the craftiness on your blog! Bises, D


  13. Aquarell Said,'> 11:43 PM

    Fortsatt god jul til deg og dine! Og godt nyttår!:D


  14. Lene S Said,'> 11:44 PM

    Ville bare få ønske deg og dine en fortsatt fin julefeiring! :o)



  15. _Kine Said,'> 10:37 AM

    Omg, build a Hello Kitty!! It's for me, liksom!! Høres ut som dere har hatt ei fin jul :) Snøkrystallornamentene fikk jeg av Ellen den gangen hun solgte gaveartikler i tillegg til scrappestæsj, så jeg vet ikke helt hvor de kommer fra :(
    I "frue-pakka" var det en skikkelig emaljebuster, en hel haug med surt godteri (loves it!) og en pingvin-pez. Hihi.

    Og når jeg ser sneakpeeks-ene dine så får jeg enda mer lyst på Martha-punchen med sommerfugl, og jeg liker jo ikke sommerfugler engang. :)


  16. Staci Taylor Said,'> 4:07 AM

    Wowsers, those sneaks look gorgeous!! I love your pics - how fun is build a bear?! I hope you guys had a wonderful christmas, ania!!


  17. Anonymous Said,'> 9:00 AM

    Love your sneaks Ania! Hope your Christmas was Good!!


  18. janine Said,'> 2:17 PM

    Such amazing work on your blog you so rock at OTP items they are such beautiful gifts you make and your sneak peaks are beautiful have to pop back to check it out. Janine xx


  19. Birgit Said,'> 8:49 PM

    hope you had a wonderful Christmas, wishing you a great new years eve and a happy 2009!!


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