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~~ Tags, kits/class for sale and photos from classes ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sandie Vincent guested this weeks Pencillines, and I decided to do some tags from the sketch...Christmas-tags. I think the image is a bit messy, and tbh, if you've seen one you've seen them all...but ohwell-...:p Some of these tags go attached to Cookie-bags (lazy me), others will prob be "to/from" tags for the Christmas-pressies. Lots of leftovers and little bits and pieces on these, and ofcourse - Glimmer Mist!!

And I got to try out these ProMarkers that's been quite popular these days -- I am NO stamper but I have to admit it was somewhat fun to do this..kinda intriguing...thanks a lot for letting me borrow your pen Ann Hedvig!! :) Hope you don't mind me attaching this photo of you below, you're laughing so heartily there (while Ellen's totally unaffected checking her cellphone :P)
The images below are mostly borrowed from Maren - thanks! I forgot my camera for this class/crop at Hobbykroken on tuesday :P

Super-effective roller Gry!
(almost everybody begged her for help rolling during my class.....she's amazingly fast, rolling 3 at the same time as someone else rolling one :p)

And here's Ann Hedvig again - she won the Prima-prize :D

I also had another class on Saturday - Anne Marit won the Prima-prize then :D

Wish you a nice, peaceful evening and thank you for dropping by :)

BTW, I'm done with my classes for this year - and I do have some very few leftoverkits from "It's in the box" - (three layouts made especially for hanging on the wall) which I am fairly sure I am going to retire.. so if anyone's interested in the complete kit AND an online-class (you'll get access to a private blog with images & step-by-step-instructions in norwegian :p) let me know. 300NOK+ shipping.

Har forøvrig noen veldig få (3 eller 4) leftoverkits fra "It's in the box" hvor vi lager tre layouts spesielt med tanke på å ramme de inn og henge på veggen - både kittet og komplett online-kurs er tilgjengelig for 300kr + porto. Dette er et kurs jeg etter all sannsynlighet ikke kommer til å ha igjen :)

1 lovely comment to '~~ Tags, kits/class for sale and photos from classes ~~'

  1. Anette S Said,'> 10:11 AM

    Jeg orker aldri å legge så mye jobb i de! Har du prøvd å male med distress? Jeg syns det er ganske enkelt og moro.

    Det ser alltid så koselig ut når dere Bergensdamene samles!


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