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~~ Christmas Inspiration ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, December 09, 2008
For the November-issue of "Vi Scrapper" I wrote an article with different suggestions for Advent-calendars. And along with the article I created a number of examples....using mostly products from Basic Grey, 3ndypapir and Scrappers Choice.

Thought I'd share the images here....

Above: jars with little chores and suggestions for activities.
Below: boxes - both self-made and altered ones from IKEA (love the Scrappers Choice stamp - I embossed it- turned so crispy and nice)

Tracies matchbox-calendar, I think most Norwegians are familiar with this one by now ;)

Little Advent-gifts in decorated brown bags. My childrens calendar are of this style.

Plain paper-calendar. Love this pretty paper from 3dnypapir!

A premade Christmas-minialbum. Pretty plain and classiclookin and hm, a bit boring compared to the cool Ali-style-minis that's popular for advent-journaling :)

(and yes, making these back in September kinda made me fed up w/Christmas for a while ;P)

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Christmas Inspiration ~~'

  1. Lene S Said,'> 5:32 PM

    Wow! Du fortsetter å imponere....så utrolig mye flott!


  2. Anette S Said,'> 6:55 PM

    Masse masse fint!
    Jeg rakk aldri å kjøpe ViScrapper før vi var tom på jobb. Bummer! :) Men jeg overlever. Det stempelet fra Scrappers Choice var virkelig nydelig!


  3. Lauren Said,'> 7:44 PM

    Love the advent calender brown bags... what an excellent idea! :)


  4. BabyBokChoy Said,'> 8:26 PM


    Who wants Ali style, when I can have Ania style??? SERIOUSLY?!!!! LOL!!!!


  5. eMeLiNe Seet Said,'> 5:35 AM

    i'm INSPIRED too :)


  6.'> 2:39 PM

    Du bare lager så masse flotte ting Ania, jeg er helt imponert. Og den farten du har da.
    Blir litt misunnelig ;)
    Juleklem fra meg


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