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~~ Weddingphotos (yeah, another boatload-of-photos-post) ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Sorry for posting another photoheavy post so short after the last one - trying to get everything "old" wrapped up before 2009 (my google reader is down to "only" 371 after convincing myself I should speedread it before 09 and really not care about stopping to comment or digest and stuff :p) I just started to scrap again after a Christmas-hiatus so expect more focus on scrappy stuff after this post aswell, hooray. Or something like that :p (Im kinda just mentioning this cause my family&non-scrappy friends never comment on anything on this blog, it's mostly just scrappy readers who do (thanks!!). I do know they read though ;p)

Anyways I digress. Right. My brother-in-law's wedding. They just saw though and got the photos so I feel it's ok to share'em with the net too kinda :)

Guess I should start with the beginning aka the day before the day. I've been tryin to keep the # of photos in this post low, but I just have to add all these cake-photos cause....

The cake business is kinda a serious one. Especially when you're doing your own cake and the cakesaw is brand new and never-before-used and you only have two cakes and it's late in the evening...

"What the heck was I thinking.."

The couple who do things together..

Like this right? Should I saw now?
Careful careful...
It all was pretty amusing to watch kinda :p
Time for a sweet moment..
Doublecheckin the DIY corsage webby ;p

This is a cute one - the only daughter in the family rehearsed the "speech" she was going to give the next day. It kinda says: "Dear family and friends. We are gathered here for Hågen and Karina they are marrying today they are a cute couple but food and drinks are on the table over there" :p

The day:

Totally smashing.
Love the putting on stuff-part :)

This is the youngest kid in the family.
He's totally gonna turn into that heartbreaker when he grows up.

(well, they all are :p)

Feed.Us. (cause somebody totally forgot to ;p)
Love the expression on his face..

The Moment

...and I love the expression on his face in a moment like this..we did it!

All the boys..there's something cool about this picture methinks.

The children. They actually look like they're well-behaving ;p Shame the oldest one wasn't here at this moment :/
Pretty in color too..
Speech. Well, it turned out different than the one she rehearsed last night :p
This one makes me think of "So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen goodnight...."

And last. A picture from our table. Cousin & uncles!

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Weddingphotos (yeah, another boatload-of-photos-post) ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 11:27 AM

    Flotte bilder av et flott par! - og Karina var jo virkelig bare helt nyydelig i den kjolen! Heldige de som hadde deg med som fotograf. Klem, E


  2. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 11:49 PM

    Tusen takk for titten, heldig de som har hatt deg som fotograf :o)

    Og så vil jeg takke for det gamle, håper vi snakkes den 7 jan.



  3. Anonymous Said,'> 3:40 PM

    Tuuusen takk for alle de fine bildene. Jeg er veldig takknemlig for alt arbeidet du la ned i dette! Jeg har sett på dem igjen og igjen......
    Du er kjempeflink til å fange oss i øyeblikket!!

    Stor klem fra Karina :-)


  4. Unknown Said,'> 1:19 AM

    Lot of beautifuls pics! So cute


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