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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ insert collective 'aaahhww' ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, October 25, 2009
(oops! sorry! will put the layout back..if anyone ever remembers about this when it's time to put it back :p)

Aw ;)
A bit ago I found several copies of this photo, and although I believe I've scrapped this one before I decided I wanted to re-scrap it. This picture was on all our "thank-you" cards for the gifts etc received at Amalies baptism three and half years ago. I loved this one because Adrian was in the picture too, showing the wonderful caring relationship between the kids. One which hasn't faltered....yet! :) Amalies baptism-pictures were the ones which made me google "scrapbooking" by the way, that one fateful night long ago... my first box of scrapbooking-stuff were ordered pronto the same evening/night, and well... I don't really show any signs of being tired of this hobby yet :)

Anyways. I'm rambling & digressing. Sorry!

This layout was made for the Pencil-Lines #158, which happen to be a collaboration w/the girls at The Next Step :) I have to admit I sort of *cough* missed the objective w/the collaboration, which was a "trick or treat" theme.....*cough* Um. Eh. Look. The layout is cute? :p

I used Fancy Pants Designs stuff for this one - sweet papers and glitter die cut from the "Little Sprout" line, chipboards and buttons from "All Fall" and some bits and pieces from various other collections. The border was made using my MS doilies-punch.

I don't think I've shared my other October-layouts for Hambly Screenprints...
so here they are...a pretty clean&simpleish one using the wintery transparencies & the new clear stickers....showing my mad driving it was dark and it was snow on the ground and it was my first time at that place (Gry's summerhouse) so I thought they had an awesome extra spacey parking-lot....which turned out to be their garden...under the snow that is....hum. Am returning to that place this weekend with the girls+wine+scrappy looking forward to it...:)

Another old piccie...from two-three years ago..?
Gessoe'd the gorgeous Le Romantique paper, sprayed some Glimmer Mist and chunks of gesso and yeah - layered some rubons (LOVE the alpha-rubons :D) and transparencies. Also used a scrap-piece of a sorta ruined KI Lace paper I had on the desk for like, forever & used a tag from Shabby Chic Crafts as a mat for my photo :)

Just wanted to share a nice little thing I saw at Michelles blog - she did a hybrid-step-by-step for a mini-calendar. I love reading her blog and seeing all the creative stuff she do w/digi and hybrid......still I can't get myself to try it out for real...but..have to admit this post made it look pretty tempting! Keep on posting Michelle! Maybe I'll give in one day haha :)

Have a nice week! :)

2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ insert collective 'aaahhww' ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 8:58 PM

    Hihi - verdens støøøørste snuplass *knegg* Supersøtt bilde på den øverste layouten og det gjør da ikke noe om man scrapper bildene flere ganger. Noen bare er det sånn med :) Men du; vil du ha SR-pakketingene dine du? Hørte ikke noe fra deg på fredag og regner med du er uten bil sooon - men du får gi en lyd da om du vil ha tingene dine ;) Klem


  2. Gry Said,'> 12:00 PM

    Sitter og humrer for meg selv, himmel som vi lo når du plutselig freste avgårde over parkeringsplassen og videre utpå plenen. Plenen har forresten tatt det pent og der er ingen bilspor i dag.
    Gleder meg masse til helgen, og har mistanker om at det blir veldig mye vin og gøy og like klipp og lim på meg i alle fall.


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