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~~ Papirfest 2009!!!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, October 20, 2009
I had the most amazing weekend with the silly (hihi) girls from Bergen - travelling to Stavanger and Papirfest and all the cool, sweet, funny ladies we met there. We´ve been looking forward to this event ever since uh, April - March earlier this year. The weekend ended so abruptly...sigh....well, time to look forward to next year, eh? :)

Mmkay, shitload of piccies incoming - you´re hereby warned.

Eli and her husband picked me up at 6.30am. Way too early ;p
Note to self: start packing in advance....only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep ...yawn..
We dropped by work to pickup a copy of the newspaper.....Eli had both her husband and children pictured in there plus a little surprise-greeting from me and another friend at work because she (Eli! :p) turned so old *smirk* ;p
Had to snap a photo of her discovering the greeting :p

This is how it looks when scrapbookers are on sightseeing...cameras everywhere and you gotta be prepared to be snapped whenever (even if you're the one snapping is safe...:p
Jadda Eli ;p

More play with leaves! :)

Eli getting misty & thanking people for the gift for her bday :)

Had to take a piccie of my food - ofc ;p
(yummy - eggplant (aubergine), olives marinaded in olive-oil and fresh mozarella :) )

After the lunch we headed over to Scrappejungelen, did a lil bit of shopping then off we went to the Geo-park. Love how they have put together this industrial stuff and turned it into a pretty cool park for kids (and scrapbookers ;p) :) Trying to pose somewhat cool at the (satelite) disc proved bit difficult w/these heels...cough..
(*think* it was Eli who borrowed my camera here)

Ellen giving the swing-rope-thingie a nonchalant push.

Gotta rope in those crazy scrapbookers..

Trude Julie and Kine met up w/us - and more photos were taken :)

Kine brought along her übercool Fuji Instant....(on my wishlist for Christmas right along w/lotta film and a LensBaby and a photobag and a macro-lens and a 70-200 zoomlens and a diana and a holga and and and

It´s exposing!! :p

Eli hard at work with the other girls ;p

Me, Mari and her mother at the hotel-bar enjoying a drink or two (thank you!! :D) and trying to get a photo of us three together :)

Saint Vibeche....;p

Geddit Marie?? ;p

Attended a class w/Dina!!! :D
Had loooots of fun in her photos of the class after I started to play w/the paint (so I stole this photo from my fellow messydoer Marie ):

We had just started here.....brushes are for pansies ;)

My desk when we were finished....:P Darn..wish I saved that piece of paper.......

Spent some time w/that goofy American (*wave Dina*) and my dearest Tracie -
after knowing each others for two years plus, talking on the msn pretty much every day in was really really really great to finally meet her irl :) :) Just wish we had more time together...sigh :)

I´m so embarassed..........:p
(Sorry Tracie but I love this photo of laughing into your shoulder... haha)

Us three (thanks Kristin for the help! :) )

Kine and Eli *loves* :)
The crop..
Lovely Fatima and Linda (Salte) :D

Fatima, Monica, Mari and Linda
Teehee.....just had to add this photo - just look at Linda go WAIT FOR MEEEEE! :D

Somebody forgot that the timer on the camera was set to 2 secs.....
(it's now set to ten ;p)
(and Ellen and Kristin...I SEE YOU!!!)
Ps. Shame we didn´t have an organized groupphoto of everybody at the event...that woulda been great....this was just like 1/6 of the ladies attending..

Me, Oddbjørg and Tracie jumpin´:)
(Thanks for the help, Eli! :) )

Eli and Gry oogling Ellens owl-bag at the airport....:p

And that was all, folks.
Well. Almost, but....can´t bore you w/even more piccies..

Thank you so much for the weekend.....loved every single bit of it!!!! Just wish I could have spent even more time with you...esp those of you I didn´t really get to spend that much time with as we´d liked (which's pretty much everybody come to think of it...wish I could split and be several places at the same time :p) many people around, so much happening....

PS! For those who wondered. I started on a layout on Friday. I finished the (same) layout on Sunday. YEah baby I DID A LAYOUT!! WOhoo!!! ;p

13 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Papirfest 2009!!!! ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 5:06 PM

    Masse herlige bilder Ania - og ja; jeg er blitt gammel ;) Godt du finner frem bilder som viser hvor mye jeg faktisk jobbet forresten - jeg satt jo bare på rævva heeeeele tiden *ho ho ho* Og jaaa - jeg vil ha sånt Kinefotoapparat jeg og! (sparespare) Gleder meg alt til neste Papirfest; du er klar sant?!!!! Luv ya <3


  2. _Kine Said,'> 5:31 PM

    Så mange flotte bilder! Tusen takk for en super helg i Stavanger, gleder meg til neste år! Jeg angrer for at jeg ikke tok mer bilder og at jeg ikke fikk sett mer av byen, merker at min noe slimbefengte tilstand holdt meg litt tilbake :P Next year, though...


  3. TracieH Said,'> 7:11 PM

    *sob* *sob* *sniff* *sniff* - missing you loads - wish we had more time together because the weekend was just toooo short.


  4. Mari Said,'> 7:55 PM

    savner deg allerede!!!
    Masse fine bilder!


  5. Sonja Said,'> 8:03 PM

    Masse herlige bilder Ania! Takk for herlig helg :) klem


  6. Catrine Said,'> 8:06 PM

    Så mange flotte bilder! Takk for en super helg! Skulle og ønske vi hadde et par dager ekstra!
    Men - om ikke før, så regner jeg iallefall med å se deg på neste års Papirfest! *stor klem*


  7. Jorunn Said,'> 9:41 PM

    Så gøy dere må ha hatt det i helgen!! Takk for titten, bildene dine er überkule :)


  8. Unknown Said,'> 12:05 AM

    Så utrolig flotte bilder Ania! Tusen takk for at du deler!
    Gleder meg allerede til neste år jeg også, men jeg håper jo at
    vi sees før den tid :)

    Jeg er forresten imponert over HVOR fort du klarer å løpe med de
    ûberhøye støvlettene! Det kreves trening altså!!



  9. Monica Said,'> 9:28 AM

    Herlig referat og fine bilder. Takk for at du deler ♥ Kleeem


  10. banglamarie Said,'> 1:58 PM

    Mange herlige bilder her :)
    Mye kos og mange herlige mennesker!!!
    Kjekt å grise litt med grønn maling sammen med deg!
    Du er inspirerende!!!
    Takk for en herlig tur og takk for at du er du ♥


  11. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 2:56 PM

    Så masse flotte bilder, også så moro det må ha vært.

    Bare sier det, jeg skal være med til neste år...



  12. Sasha Farina Said,'> 6:28 AM

    your food, i want! LOL..


  13. Unknown Said,'> 2:03 PM

    wow ania, looks like so much fun, loving all those photos
    hugs xxx


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