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~~ More cards and a trick to shooting fall pictures ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, October 11, 2009
It's not long till Halloween and I am pondering wheter to do anything about it or not at home for that weekend, but still....

I made this card for the Fancy Pants Designs productspotlight on the Trick or Treat cards and strips papers. I cut out one of the faces from the strip-paper and adhered it behind it - making it look as if he was peeking from behind - complete w/hands and all. Cute, eh? :)

And yes - another card - this time for the Hambly Screenprints tutorial on their blog. Mine is about creating an effect of shadowing w/the fact that their designs are available in different materials (transparency, paper and rubons) and colors. Here is the full tutorial :) And my example involves the design mini chandeliers in brown on creme paper & creme transparency :)

Here's the inside :) I am starting to fancy creating cards w/flaps like this inside sorta. Feels sorta...elegant..:)

Yesterday I was taking a hike up to Kolbeinsvarden for some assignment at work. There's little doubt that it's fall now - the colors all around me were gorgeous and I kept finding small evidences that it's now :p.

Just look at the frostflakes at the water :)

I am not sure which angle I like the most of these two photos here.
I do adore this little - uh - I don't know what to call it - it's wood laid down where the ground is extra muddy/marshy.

When I took these photos on the way up to Kolbeinsvarden I noticed the images having different intensities of colors. The reason for this was the white balance, which was set to auto. With the weather being mostly hm, very bright and the sun alternating between peeking out between the clouds all the time - well - setting the WB to cloudy proved to give the pictures the extra warmth it needed to make the fall-colors really shine through. I am curious as to wheter this will still be the case in other outdoor light conditions when it comes to fall landscapes - cloudy means that the wb is set to the more warm hue = good for fall colors anyways (aka - a creative choice perhaps?).

Please bear with me - I am not used to care much about the WB because I used to shoot RAW, then I didn't care much because my own jpgs were still salvageable in lightroom and if they werent then go creative - convert to B&W or apply different hues and play w/different presets/actions...but now..I am more concerned about WB because well...let's face it, it's awesome to hit the right/needed WB incamera & it's sorely needed for the work - esp in sucky indoor-conditions...yes I am setting the WB w/grey card when Im insecure but then Im insecure because Im not sure the wb is correct even then..I wish you'd just like - know instantly - this is correct! when it is....I don't really atm :/

Ohwell. Blabbeling again. Maybe I should make a separate blog for concerns about photography and stuff...

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ More cards and a trick to shooting fall pictures ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 6:28 PM

    Flotte bilder du har tatt, og herlig kort.:D


  2.'> 7:46 PM

    i knwo what you eman about WB, i am lazy and keep it to auto, but will try popping the wb onto cloudy this week !


  3.'> 11:16 PM

    Adeles nydelige bilder du har tatt Ania, herlige farger :)
    Jeg er lat når det kommer til hvitbalansen, må tydeligvis skjerpe meg der :)


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