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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ Skippin' & Jumpin' - Pencil-Lines Blog Hop w/giveaway! :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome if you're droppin' by because of the Pencil-Lines Blog Hop! :)

Why there's a blog hop? Um why, Pencil-Lines is celebrating having been around for three years and stuff :)

The purpose with this blog hop is to give away stuff to one random winner who comments here....but before I share the details about what&how you can win here I'm totally gonna force ya to look at a layout of mine ;p Or two. Or more.

Well....this is about Pencil-Lines, right?
Figured I'd take you with me on a trip down memory lane....I joined Pencil-Lines sometime late summer 2007, after answering to a DT-call.. :) I remember getting the message via a friend on my cellphone because I was at the summerhouse w/o access to the inet back then - feeling quite a bit antsy because I wasn't able to respond to PL in a few days yet :)

This was one of the layouts I made back then, in 2007 - it's sketch #59. I remember doing my own distressing of the chipboards, applying paint, letting it dry then applying vaseline, painting over it then rubbing it off when dry. Very messy, but really cool. The papers are Rouge de Garance. Striking colors- loves!

2008. Sketch #73. Totally one of my faves. Very very very simple - not really me - not this style of simple sorta. But I like it. Once again - Rouge de Garance :)

Right. Movin' on to 2009 and sketch #120. One of the earliest layouts I did this year. Means a lot to me. Oh and I'm so lovin' the combo of Hambly and Sassafras too :D

This one was made to sketch #121. I love the crispiness of this layout and I totally adore Scenic Route (so sad they're no more :( ).

Last fave, promise :)
(I'd love to fave my next two Pencil-Lines layouts, but I can't really share them yet soooooo ;p)

Love the photo and sorta do like this combo of My Little Shoebox and Hambly (waddayaknow, Hambly goes to anythin' *wink*) :)

Right! Hope you're not too bored now - movin' on to the giveaway! :)

I'm adding three of Hambly Screenprints newest release from CHA Summer - Clear stickers :D Also - lovely clips from 7gypsies, rubons from Luxe Designs and a chipboard-album from Nikki Sivils :)

All you have to do is to drop me a comment below and share a nice photo-trick or tip with me please :) Wheter it's technical or whatever - any nice tip related to taking photos, cameras or post-processing or tips to nice photo-links - basic or advanced - please just share :)

You'll have until Sunday 12pm - I'll draw and announce a winner on monday.

Now it's time to travel to Japan and the next one on the Blog Hop List - Yuko! :D Good luck!

Ps! Hmmmmm while I got your attention - The Studio has been inspired by Cathy Zielske's campagin for charity:water, and is arranging a 48-hour online-event to raise money for the cause. I'll quote the site:

Starting at 7pm (GMT) on Friday 13th November we will be hosting a BIG scrapbooking event. It will last for 48 hours and there will be games, challenges, special guests and PRIZES! A new challenge will be posted every 2 hours for the whole weekend! It wouldn’t be much of an event without a grand finale and we certainly have one of those lined up. Cathy Z herself will be setting the final challenge and I, for one, am pretty excited about that.
For more information - feel free to drop by The Studio and click on the CHARITY EXTRAGAVANZA- link on the top of the page. There's more info there plus several guests and awesome sponsors listed. And oh, yeah, I'm one of the guests *smile* Hope to see you there too! :)

70 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Skippin' & Jumpin' - Pencil-Lines Blog Hop w/giveaway! :) ~~'

  1.'> 9:44 PM

    One of my photography tips would be to take your camera with you everywhere, you never know when that 'must have' photo opportunity arises.


  2. Jennifer Said,'> 10:53 PM

    My only tip is to take more pictures! :)


  3.'> 11:38 PM

    Once in a while get someone to take a photo of you.



  4. Renee Said,'> 11:46 PM

    Don't forget to shoot vertical as well as get some great shots that way.


  5. Jimjams Said,'> 12:40 AM

    Make sure you have spare batteries is my tip - and as that's a bit of a cheat, how about taking photos at several angles - quite often it's the tilted ones that look great on a page.


  6. Roxann Said,'> 1:33 AM

    My tip is to have your kids take the photos once in a while. They shoot angles and objects that you would never think of.


  7.'> 1:41 AM

    Take a good lents! Thanks so much!!!


  8. Unknown Said,'> 1:50 AM

    Chin up and eyes wide open... and you'll get a nice pic of you :-).
    Thanks for the Rak :-)


  9. Janet's Joy Said,'> 2:13 AM

    Oh man I am not the best photographer but my tip is to capture those everyday moments and not just the special occasions.


  10. Elsina Said,'> 2:15 AM

    My tip is to go on your knees when photographing small animals or kids. I even lay flat on my stomach when photographing my cats in the grass.


  11.'> 2:15 AM

    Godt dag,Norge. Loving this visiting around the world.
    My tip for you is to play with the macro or the close up feature on your camera. Not only can you take great flower photos or bugs, it can work well for taking face pictures.


  12. shopfreak Said,'> 2:22 AM

    Love your layouts. Thanks for offering the blog candy..those onesie tshirts are too cute. My photo tip is making sure you have a tripod for group pics..some of our best pics are ones that everyone is laughing at the person trying to run back from the tripod to be in the picture.


  13. Unknown Said,'> 2:34 AM

    try to get in close and make sure the focus is on the eyes


  14. ellen s. Said,'> 3:26 AM

    lately i have been trying to take photos off center to mix it up a bit, i kinda like the composition like that

    ps...LOVE tori amos

    Happy Birthday Pencil Lines!


  15. Selenaintx Said,'> 3:32 AM

    Always bring extra batteries for your camera!!!



  16. Peggy Said,'> 4:04 AM

    Love your lo's and so glad you shared so many of your favorites!

    Best photo tip.....shut off the "white noise" on your camera when trying to take sports pictures in a gym!


  17. Scrapamum Said,'> 4:31 AM

    Wow! Am I ever glad I found your blog. Your work is fabulous.


  18. pammc Said,'> 4:50 AM

    get out from behind the camera frequently.


  19.'> 5:24 AM

    My best tip is to use actions to edit. Some are absolutely fantastic! I especially adore actions by My Four Hens Photography. She has the best black and white conversions.


  20. Anonymous Said,'> 6:12 AM

    Once in a while print pictures larger than 5x7 for your scrapbook pages. Let the photos do most of the work of your layout especially if they are landscape & gorgeous. A great web site for printing larger pictures is Reasonable prices. Good size options. Great prints. Hope this helps!


  21. salme Said,'> 6:41 AM

    Yummy RAK! I love doing some photo processing afterwards, a good Photoshop brush highlights a not-so-good shot. :-)


  22. Luluuk Said,'> 7:33 AM

    I love Picassa for it's collages


  23. Maya Said,'> 8:48 AM

    Flotte LO'er :-)

    Mitt beste tips om dagen er å ta bildene i manuell...måle lyset på auto, stille inn og så ta dem manuelt (M)....blir herlige farger da. Tar dem alltid i RAW, åpner i PS og endrer dem til svart/hvitt der om jeg vil det..da blir det skikkelig svart/hvitt bilder...ikke bare en haug med gråtoner.


  24. JO SOWERBY Said,'> 10:11 AM

    i love just taking lots of shots and then playing with them using my cropping tools..........simple i know but can yield some unusual results!
    jo xxx


  25. Kathy Rogers Said,'> 11:07 AM

    My tip is learn how to use everythig on your camera, actuallly it's more of a wish and a promise to myself. I am improving though.


  26. shire Said,'> 1:08 PM

    OH, I often put the camera on the ground and take a photo....its another point of view!!


  27. Zarah Said,'> 1:36 PM

    Use your hambly overlays! Put a piece of coloured plastic over the flash for a fun, coloured effect on a picture. Or smear some (just a tad) vaseline on the lens for a dreamy look. Remember to wipe it off afterwards though...


  28. Ann Tamimi Said,'> 2:10 PM

    best photo tip?? would have to be fill the frame.. thanks for the chance off to hop some more


  29. Dawn Said,'> 3:01 PM

    Here is a cool link:


  30. Frauke Said,'> 3:04 PM

    I have no real photo tip for you, but do you know ? It's fun playing with it.


  31. Pia Said,'> 3:15 PM

    La ungene låne kameraet! De fokuserer ofte på helt andre ting enn det du gjør.


  32. Pam Palmer Said,'> 3:35 PM

    Keep it steady! Enjoying the blog hop, too!


  33. Kim Said,'> 3:39 PM

    I like to sharpen pics using the High Pass filter. Then play around using blending modes Dark Light and Soft Light to see what you like. Don't forget to mask if it is too harsh in some areas.


  34. Anna Said,'> 3:44 PM

    Love your layouts, they are fantastic!

    Have you tried the Noise Filter by Imagenomic? It is a lifesaver for my grainy photos!


  35. Anonymous Said,'> 4:39 PM

    great layouts


  36. Jordan Said,'> 4:47 PM

    If you are photographing a child, try getting on a chair and shooting the camera down on them or get real low and shoot up. These pics always turn out nice. Also, sometimes purposefully angle your camera and get a nice professional looking photo. I really like that giveaway by the way!!


  37.'> 4:58 PM

    My tips is if you use PSE or PS there are lots of free actions out there to improve your photos with. Kind of a no brainer. lol


  38. Anonymous Said,'> 5:15 PM

    As a pro hotographer I find it amazing how people DON'T read thei camera manual... so my tip and I think is the most important one... READ your camera MANUAL!!!


  39. Yeong Shong Said,'> 5:30 PM

    I like your layouts...I don't have really great tips to share. Just something that I always do, when photographing young children, I will just take out my camera and continue snapping, sometimes from different angle. With this, I can be assured that I have at least a few that really works (since young children moves a lot) and these may come in handy for multi-photo layouts.


  40. Linn Said,'> 6:03 PM

    it is hard to give any tips that is not already given, it is so many great tips. Mine is to keep playing with gamera, like you already do... :)


  41. Crystal ( Said,'> 6:04 PM

    Oh I am not a professional photog or anything but natural light is always the key! To not use a flash is really the best thing for your photos!! And good actions help too! Like these that my friend Sarah sells. I can take a horrid shot and those actions clean it up nicely!!

    Thanks for the chance! love the RAK!


  42. Unknown Said,'> 6:39 PM

    My tip is to take a ton of pics (one of them is bound to work) and always use the natural light, if possible.


  43. Unknown Said,'> 7:24 PM

    okay, since I am not a great photographer (wish I was), I'll leave you with the one tip/trick that is tried and true:

    READ YOUR CAMERAS MANUAL! If that doesn't work so well, revert to the internet and google your cameras make/model!

    That's all I've got! LOL!

    Thanks for the chance, this is awesome!


  44. Anonymous Said,'> 7:32 PM

    A couple of tips...Remember the rule of thirds when photographing. Don't put your subject dead center in the photo. Also, be conscious of the background. You want to make sure there aren't things "growing" out of your subject's head! Finally...last tip...If your camera is able to...always shoot in RAW and get a copy of Lightroom!


  45. Marina Said,'> 8:56 PM

    Well at the moment i don't have a camera as Ilent it to my 19 year old daughter when she was going out one eveing and she dropped it so my tip is DO NOT lend you children your camera if they are going out for the evening Hahaha. Thnkyou for the chance to win. xx


  46. mica Said,'> 9:25 PM

    Enjoy reading this post. Love your layouts!! I can use some photo tips too. Mine would be... just make sure to check the pics you just took. With digital cameras, you can check the photos as you take them. So if you don't like a particular photo, make sure to take some more until you get at least one you like.


  47. Unknown Said,'> 9:46 PM

    Love your older layouts. My fave tip is google's Picassa. Organizes every image on your computer...even the ones you don't want to ever see again. LOL


  48. Anonymous Said,'> 10:39 PM

    My advice is to read the manual :D I nned to learn that myself... lol. Great giveaways and Anya, you are a scrapping genious, I love everything you do!


  49. Julia K. Said,'> 10:57 PM

    never never forget your camera at home :-)
    I love your LO's, so funky


  50. Suzanne Said,'> 12:19 AM

    Make sure its charged and you have the cable to charge it! Found that out the hard way this year on vacation.


  51. Rita Said,'> 12:38 AM

    I'm a new and I'm learning...! I use picasa and Adobe photoshop... sorry!
    but thanks for the chance


  52. Stacy Cohen Said,'> 1:32 AM

    Fun blog hop! My tip is nothing original, but it's to use natural lighting if you can. Then play with the highlights and lowlights in your photo editing software until you get it just right.


  53.'> 2:21 AM

    Love your work! I only discovered Pencil Lines that past year, so I hadn't seen your earlier projects - thanks for sharing your talent w/ us.
    Now about a tip: read your camera manual! Sounds simple, but I discovered some settings on my point-and-shoot that I didn't even know were there!
    Thanks for the chance to win...and happy birthday, Pencil Lines! :D


  54. Delia W Said,'> 2:27 AM

    This site ( - look at the newsletter tab) always comes up with something new and interesting and handy gadgets.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  55. P. Lea Said,'> 3:02 AM

    Happy birthday Pencillines!


  56. Mauze Said,'> 10:01 AM

    Happy Birthday!
    My tip for a steady hand is to exhale half and than stop breathing for the shot. So you´re relaxed for the moment. Works for me :)


  57. Erika M. Said,'> 2:12 PM

    My photo taking tip is just go with the flow - no one is perfect!


  58. CraftyRia Said,'> 3:12 PM

    My tip is to GET CLOSE. Fill the frame with the subject. Use either the portrait setting if you're more than 18 inches away or the macro setting if you're closer.

    Also read your manual and use it like a workbook - practice each thing it tells you about. It's like taking a free photography course. Let your camera do the work for you!


  59. Carmen O. Said,'> 6:45 PM

    My photo tip is to take pictures of everything...daily as well as special occasions. Thanks for the chance to win!


  60. Caterina Said,'> 8:42 PM

    my tip is 1. take a lot of photo using different options of camera:it's fun and it's useful to choose the best one for the right moment!
    2. visit you can find tools and effects!
    Thanks for the chance and Happy B.Day Pencil Lines!


  61. Ginny Said,'> 9:37 PM

    I always take my camera everywhere with extra batteries & extra memory card :) Also, shoot different angles (sometimes up high looking down, other times down looking up, etc)


  62. Unknown Said,'> 9:57 PM

    Gorgeous LOs. I'm definitely returning to look at those two you can't show us yet :)

    My tip is when you've downloaded your digi photos onto your laptop, go through them as soon as possible and decide which are useable, then delete/file away somewhere else all the others (until you're ready to delete them ;) )

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  63.'> 10:17 PM

    My tip is to be in more pictures. I'm never in pictures because I'm always taking them! LOL


  64. Sasha Said,'> 10:20 PM

    AMazing work girl .. as always .love your style


  65. Yizz Said,'> 10:21 PM

    Always take more than one shot- the first one is hardly likely to be perfect


  66. Shari B. Said,'> 10:42 PM

    One of my tips need to make sure you look for incredible lighting when you are trying to catch certain looks. For a bright fun picture try early in the morning, but not pointing directly at sun, move away from the sun.

    Oh and for kid shots, get on their level, get their angel of life.


  67. cecilie Said,'> 11:43 PM

    Digger stilen din, veldig inspirerende og se en så lekende scrapper som tør å prøve alt mulig =) Her er link til noen super kule (ikke gratis) actions


  68. marsha Said,'> 12:41 AM

    I only have a point & shoot so no great photo tips. My best one, make sure your batteries are charged & snap away.


  69. Ann Said,'> 12:49 AM

    Play with the free Google downloadable software "Picassa" for some fun altering of your photos - or to create montages of your awesome pages!!

    Huge fan of your layouts, love your style xx


  70. Carol Said,'> 1:44 AM

    Get on the same level as your subject... I've been so much more happy with my kids' pictures since I started doing this, vs. looking at them through the camera at my typical vantage point. If they're on the floor, get down there with them!! :)


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