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~~ Elle’s Studio + Bella BLVD = giveaways :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This week there’s an Elle’s Studio + Bella BLVD blogmashup, where both designteams have been working with both products; here’s my stuff. For the full tutorial on the minialbum you’ll have to drop by the blogpost at Elle’s! :)

Oh, and by the way – there’s giveaways too (but ofcourse!) :)



I used a mix of different Bella BLVD papers for this mini – pulling together stuff that looked cute enough to become pages in my babyalbum.


Elle’s Studio has a rich source of various baby-themed tags, plus other tags that’s versatile to be used anyplace.



Go on, check out the tutorial (and more images from the mini) – and there’s a cute one on shadowboxes too from Valerie on the same blogpost Smile


This rock is special. The one my little one is sitting on. We pass that rock on the way to the kindergarten, and she’s always quick about sitting there and asking to be taken a picture of. Always. Sometimes I oblige, other times I don’t have any camera with me or am too lazy. I mean, how many pictures of her on this rock can one take in one year? Smile with tongue out


Love the color-palette for these papers!


And I love layering tags and stickers and use 3d-foam!


I even used the cute 4x4 paperpads from Elle’s Studio on this one for my journaling, and decorated it some with some Bella Stickers Smile


Clouds and halfcircle-tags makes me happy Smile


Leave comments on this and this post (and watch out for the more posts from Elle’s AND Bella, ofcourse) for chances to win the giveawayprizes – and if you’re on Twitter there’s an extra chance for you there too (check out the blogposts at Elle’s for more details). Smile


Now, I so want to look through my pictures from France, post some here, get started on the still oh, so neglected Christmaspressiehunting, scrap more and blah blah blah, but I still have one more hand-in for my exams to go….(just finished the first one and handed it in already, yay me!)…so…I’ll be working a little more so I can wrap up the last hand-in and take a well deserved Christmas-rest! Smile with tongue out

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Elle’s Studio + Bella BLVD = giveaways :) ~~'

  1. Jingle Said,'> 7:42 PM

    These are so cute!!!!


  2. Carrin Said,'> 9:49 PM

    KNALL!!! Blir så inspirert av det du lager :) Slett ikke verst når en til og med få lyst å lage minialbum liksom, hehe.


  3. mojodawn Said,'> 1:07 PM

    You make the cutest stuff! Elle and Bella sure look good together! :)


  4. Malin Said,'> 7:52 PM

    It cant get cuter then this Ania!!!!!
    LOVE evrything and you just made me want tto start making a babybook :)


  5. Love, Carrie Said,'> 9:36 PM

    both are adorable...i love how you mix all your patterned papers together...they somehow mach just right.....lovely : )

    <3 Carrie


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