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~~ Pink Paislee & Crate Paper ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, November 12, 2010

I’ve been on a card-roll, creating some quite simple cards lately, using Pink Paislee … I love the Sweetness-collection, which’s pretty funny because when I saw the images of the collection I was like, ooh, that’s sweet, but probably too sugary sweet for me – I won’t be using these papers too much methinks….but actually,….I think it’s the collection I’ve scrapped the most with so far…*cough*


I’ve also created a card with the Father Christmas-collection:


This one was based on a sketch by Becky Fleck, for the Aussie Scrap Source sketch-contest. I snuck in a strip of “god jul” from 3ndypapir’s “Hilsen Gudrun” collection Smile


Love layering stuff on cards! Smile

Speaking of Pink Paislee, they have an exciting announcement on their blog atm if you love their products and would love to help showcase their stuff…



Wrapping this post w/this layout for Crate Paper – it’s not much to look at designwise, but it certainly has that vintage “scrapbook”-feel methinks, w/excerpts from ephemera and stuff..


I used mainly the School Spirit-collection here, along with cut outs from the local newspaper. The theme was something I was thankful for, and well, I worked at the local newspaper for about a year, an experience I’m very, very grateful for, especially as I still continue to freelance for them while working on my MA (it’s like – oh, they still want me to work for them, cool).


Gaining work experience is utterly valuable, and for someone who’s pretty much only been a student her whole life and still not sure what to really do when she “grows up” – it really felt good doing real work, being part of a stable work-environment and gaining positive feedback further cementing that “oy – looks like I can do that after all”.



Anyways, I figured that was an experience worth scrapping about, hm? Smile

(by the way, here’s the links to two of the recent photogalleries I did for the paper; Roots concert and Twirling-gathering..I also wrote the articles following the images, but they’re not available on the web)


Dinner calling, then I have a photosession tonight w/a dear friend and her family Smile


Ps. Check out this awesome discount at 30 % off all printed stuff this weekend only! I’m working my way through my piccies atm, I think they got ridiculously cute-sized cards….Smile

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Pink Paislee & Crate Paper ~~'

  1. banglamarie Said,'> 12:44 AM

    Nydelige kort og tøff layout!!!


  2.'> 1:22 AM

    Love your projects especially the Father Christmas card!


  3.'> 4:44 AM

    You're on a roll. Good job!


  4. Eli Said,'> 9:26 AM

    Digger å se kort fra deg; det er scrappekort og oppnåelig for sånne som meg som ikke kan stemple og fargelegge - selv om kortene dine nok er i en annen liga enn mine okke som :); alltid kjekt å bli inspirert! Layouten er utrolig flott! AV var rette stedet; tenk om du hadde begynt et annet sted! (you know what I mean) Og takk for i går! Utrolig gøy og jeg gleder meg til å se bildene!! Du er en knupp vennen <3 KLEM


  5. Hege Said,'> 10:48 PM

    Herlige kort du har laget! LIker den enkle stilen på den, og de papirene var jo bare rålekre! Elsker LOen din også. Digger all teksten, kjempekult oppsett og detaljer! Herlig med lilla tittel!


  6.'> 2:54 PM

    loving the paper photos :)


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