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~~ The reason I had a nightmare about zombies last night ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, November 13, 2010

During last nights photosession, we wrapped it up with playing santa-zombies.


The following night, I had a nightmare. About zombies. And I don’t even really like those zombie-movies (although I do have seen a fair share of them…some of which’s been pretty good or funny, but still…). And it wasn’t about cute santa-zombies, it was about the gory, bloody, splattery kind of zombies. Ugh.


Thanks for nothin’, Eli & co! ><


In other news; I’ve gotten myself a shiny, new iPhone4 – and being a total n00b on the iPhone-scene I just have to ask; what apps are worth getting?!? Got any recommendations – please do feel free to share… (yeah, yeah – I’m regretting playing ignorant when my friend’s been whippin’ out their iPhones in the past) Smile with tongue out


Psst: Check out this; I was on Elle’s Studio’s blog yesterday, being their featured designer spotlight Smile

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ The reason I had a nightmare about zombies last night ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 5:18 PM

    Mohahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!! ;)


  2. Ellen* Said,'> 6:08 PM


    Og - sukk! - jeg vil også ha IPHONE!!!


  3. HegeAL Said,'> 7:12 PM

    Hahaha..ler mæ i hjel. Kjempekule julebilder!! Kjempeflott artikkel om ei superflott jente inne på elle's studio. Og gjett hvem som nesten datt av stolen her men pølsa i munnen da jeg så navnet mitt!! Right back at'ya sier jeg bare.

    Stor klem!


  4. anne jorunn Said,'> 9:00 PM

    Håper du får en mer fredfylt natt i natt da:)
    Angående apps så er hipstamatic veldig kjekk!


  5. Evelin Said,'> 5:21 AM

    get what'sapp (allows u to send messages to iPhone & BB users who's also on this app for free), angry birds (cos it's fun), facebook, msn.... i don'y hv many apps on my phone too ;P


  6. Lene Said,'> 9:53 PM

    Hei Ania!
    Du har blitt trukket ut til å få neglelakken i bloggen min!
    Kan du sende meg en e-post med adressen din?
    Min e-postadresse er:


  7. Heidi Said,'> 10:42 PM



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