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~~ PACS 2010 ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, November 05, 2010

I realized that I haven’t shared the peeks of my classes for PACS 2010, which’s in three weeks. Yikes! (to the “which’s in three weeks” part Smile with tongue out). Before I can go to Paris, I just need to finish (or as close to finish) two exams/handins. Which’s what I’m mostly busy doing these days. (It’s fun when you feel things are working for you, less so when you think you have done a mistake (working on pulling and recoding raw numbers for statistical analysis) and that everything you built upon that “mistake” is wrong and you have to redo the whole paper…which turned out to not be a mistake after all, thank god…Smile with tongue out) But I digress.


Here’s my classes for PACS 2010:

Tattered Angels’ assortments of Glimmer Mist will be available for all the classes (yay!) Smile



This is a miniboook/album-class, where we’ll use 3ndypapir, and Elle’s Studio-goodies to create a minialbum from *one* sheet of patterned paper with no (ok, minimal) cutting! (Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of papers to work with in your kit Smile). This is a very cool way to create a mini or a more elaborate card with. And we’ll work with lots of layering when decorating our mini Smile

Here’s some more peeks:




“3 cards full of techniques” (yeah I know, I suck at figuring out clever & interesting class-titles Smile with tongue out It’s really a shame because this class really is gorg Winking smile) is a card-class is one where we’ll create three cards all while using neat techniques which can be incorporated to your scrapbooking. You know, I’m basically a scrapbooker, so when I create cards I have to figure out something else when not using stamps and coloring to prettify my cards Smile with tongue out

For this class we’re using Crate Paper (as you can see Smile) and Elle’s Studio. Loves!!




And then there’s the sketch-class, “1 sketch, 2 layouts”. Guess what that means Smile with tongue outWe’ll play with Pink Paislee (Parisan Anthology and Hocus Pocus!!! Although the latter is a halloween-release, I promise the layouts will not be halloweenish!). We’ll also use a sketch from Pencil-Lines as base, and I’ll go through some basic sketch-theory before we start Smile And ofcourse I’ll walk you through some very cool and different techniques Smileto get different “looks” on your layout despite using the same sketch as a base for both.

I have to say, I believe this class is for you who might be sceptical to using sketches – and for you who like them but want to be reassured it’s ok to use them in different waysSmileOh, and for you who just want to play with gorgeous Pink Paislee and glimmermist Smile




See you at PACS?


Here’s the schedule by the way. I know I want to take at least one class by Julie, her style is so different from mine and it intrigues me so – I just don’t know which class – maybe the creative masking and stenciling one. And I think one class with Lilith definitely is in order (although hers are probably held in french, hmmm!), maybe the collage one? Hmhm. I feel like I’m drawn to the classes which definitely look different from my own style.


I’m thrilled and nervous.
Be nice with me. (I’m gonna repeat this one over and over again until Paris Smile with tongue out)

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ PACS 2010 ~~'

  1. Unknown Said,'> 2:26 PM

    I'm registered to the first class - the mini album. I'm really excited - thanks for sharing extra pictures! See you in 3 weeks :-)


  2. Mari Said,'> 2:51 PM

    kan du komme og ha kurs hjemme hos meg???alle disse tre??? Hekkanpekkan!!! de så heeeeelt råe ut Ania!!!!


  3. Sasha Farina Said,'> 4:26 PM

    are you nervous yet? LOL. biting nails yet? :P


  4. milkcan Said,'> 6:15 PM

    So looking forward to it!


  5. banglamarie Said,'> 7:47 PM

    Utrolig heldige de som skal på kurs med deg!!
    Masse lykke til med siste forberedelser og selve kursene der nede :)

    *kule negler*


  6.'> 11:58 PM

    Good luck with the classes. The peeks look wonderful. Wish I could go to Paris!


  7. mo9ca Said,'> 6:04 PM

    -og jeg kommer veldig gjerne til Mari om du kommer og har kurs der :) Har nok ikke sjangs til å komme til PaCS - selv om jeg gjerne skulle ønske!!
    Ønsker deg masse lykke til - dette blir kjempebra!!



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