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~~Out with the old: Last batch of the December Daily ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mm huge post incoming – apparently I did not share anything from my December Daily since Dec 11. I know, Christmas just isn’t that exciting when there’s been like, three weeks or so since it finally expired, but sometimes I have this OCD-urge when it comes to things I just have to get over with (like this DecDaily, I didn’t feel like I could scrap other things until I was finally done with this – which’s why the last few days looks a bit …simple :p), and since I forced myself to finish this I need to share it too :p

So, let’s just get it over with so we can move on to newer, fresher things, shall we?


Dec 12 – with Crate Paper’s Snow Day :)

As usual, my pages are measuring 6x5” (6x9” when opened) and the numbers are all tags from Elle’s Studio.


This was the last day in Oslo – the images are of me and my sis + my kids and her youngest girl.


Simple one – with 3ndypapir :)


Dec 13th stands for Santa Lucia, and as Amalie was among the oldest in the kindergarten she got to carry the light-crown. Big moment.


14th – with a mix of Pink Paislee’s Mistletoe & Co and Father Christmas.


The image was snapped during work at the local church.


Fancy Pants Designs :)


The baking of gingerbread documented.


16th was created with Crate Paper & Snow Day once again..


And was about work once again, this time at a different church – I was sent to snap a photograph of a church for the Christmas Eve issue of the newspaper.


Hambly Screenprints! :)


Decoration of the gingerbread & a little Santa’s Helper :)


I truly love the mighty tones of Pink Paislee’s Mistletoe & Co – gorgeous..


And I love documenting the kiddo reading :)


Fancy Pants – love this bright, happy Winter collection “Frosted”! (Michelle Coleman is one of my fave FP productdesigners, love everything she designs for them. She has her own digistuff – Little Dreamers Designs – sometimes I do wish I did digistuff when I see the gorg stuff they put out)


Just a touch of everyday – the whole family playing WoW :)




This day was fairly eventful, but I couldn’t fit in all the images. Lunch with girlfriends, appointment at the dentist and work in the evening.


Fancy Pants Designs ..did I mention I love this cheery wintercollection?


Big day – the day I took the youngest to the theatre to watch “Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen” – a wonderful play which I recall from when I was younger myself, and I loved watching her fall in love with the play and the music.


Pink Paislee – Mistletoe & Co..


Kiddo leaving a note about being out sledding, and paying mother in law a visit for dinner.


23rd – Crate Paper and Snow Day.


A long-ass day of waiting at the airport. Sigh. Left home at 1pm, arrived like an hour later – checked in…….waited, waited and waited (original departure was like 3pm).. when we finally boarded the plane at like 8-9pm we had to wait for another hour in the airplane before finally departing…arrived home at moms at 11pm :p


Christmas Eve! (We celebrate Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day). Pink Paislee & a mix of Father Christmas and Mistletoe & Co.


Mm kinda got bored of making dec dailys, so the last 4-5 days were very very simple – including Christmas Eve. Whatev, I did it and I’m so done with it for now! Smile with tongue out



There you have it, I did finish my Dec Daily, and I think I will follow the advice about finding a box for the pages/cards instead of punching holes and stuff in them :)

And, just for good measurement (and to have that done with as well) – here’s a very few images from Christmas..(square images = iPhone)

desember 24, 2010-12

Classics on TV..


desember 24, 2010-18

Waiting for Godot the guests..

(I remember this part myself from when I was little, whenever there was a birthday or Christmas or anything big going down at home – this kitchen-window kept drawing us to it, looking, waiting, looking some more…while mom cooked around us kids)


My stepfather with Amalie..


And with Adrian..

(I ought to add a picture of mom here too, but she’s never happy with the photos of herself.. just like me…so…:p)


A collage of the evening, taken with the hipster-app on the iPhone.


And I just need to add this one – my gorgeous, beautiful, all too grown up niece. I love you and am sorry I don’t really know how to talk to teenagers I love because I’m worried I’m one of these aunts who’s like, “oh, my, you’ve grown up kid” and then ask the obligatory stuff like school and boyfriends and then dunno what more to say..ugh. I do love you though!

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~Out with the old: Last batch of the December Daily ~~'

  1. Ellen* Said,'> 11:13 PM

    For et fantastisk flott desemberalbum! Er så imponert - for at det er kjempefint, men også for at du faktisk har gjort det ferdig! Har noen påbegynte albumprosjekter liggende... huffameg...
    Veldig synd at du blingsa på dagene sist helg forresten:o( Håper vi sees snart:o)


  2.'> 1:30 AM

    The daily turned out beautiful! I bet you felt a feeling of accomplishment. Love your photos!


  3.'> 7:57 AM

    I love it and I'm sure this is something your kids will cherish years from now!


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