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~~ Sketches2Scrapbook: Winter Wonder Land! ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, January 30, 2011


Do you have an iPhone? Or iTouch or iPad? And do you scrap? Then you might be aware of Anam Stubbington’s iPhone-app Sketches2Scrapbook, loaded to the brim with sketches for you to lug around on your iWhatever for quick and easy inspiration (great for crops!). Well, she just released a Winter Edition of the application, loaded with 66 new sketches (+ the usual 12 free ones you can get in the free Lite version).

I have the original Sketches2Scrapbook-app and I think it’s an awesome idea in itself, so I was pretty honored (and flustered!) to have been asked by Anam to contribute to the Winter Edition.




Here’s my layout featured in the Winter Edition-app (the large, pay-version, which costs 3.99 dollar). I flipped and shrunk some elements from the sketch given to me. I’m glad I got this “Winter” assignment, because I had totally forgotten about these pictures and upon finding them when searching for winter-appropriate images I was like; “Duh! How could I have forgotten about these pictures!?” So yeah, I even scrapped the bottom picture twice, as seen here.

All the materials here are taken from the Crate Paper collection “Snow Day” apart from the alphabets which’s from Pink Paislee.



Have a few images to edit now and a few words to write…then we’re off to watch hubby play some badminton!


Btw, for Norwegians:

To kronikker verdt å lese: Eliertsens “Lærer Bjørndals metode” i BT (skum gjennom kommentarene og) og Rossaviks “Død over smilefjesene” i Morgenbladet (fikk meg til å reevaluere min egen bruk iallefall, og kanskje bli litt mer bevisst - men det er vanskelig – bruken er tross alt blitt en intrigert del av det å skrive og analysere tekster fortløpende! Er enig i det at offentlige innsatser og formelle brev/mail/kommunikasjon = ikke bruk smileys, dog :p).


Hmm..and for the English-readers….as to not leave you out (I was sharing interesting Norwegian newspaper-links above): NY Times Bill Keller recounts his dealings with Assange and WikiLeaks – an interesting read, as well as What’s Happening in Egypt Explained (an earlier edition, which does not seem to be updated atm, but seem to give you a quick insight as to why)

Right. Really back to work now.

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Sketches2Scrapbook: Winter Wonder Land! ~~'

  1.'> 1:19 AM

    Love the layout and the photos!


  2. Sasha Farina Said,'> 7:33 AM

    how cool is that!!


  3. Kathy Martin Said,'> 1:55 PM

    Terrifically fun and colorful page!


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