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~~ The Christening ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, March 24, 2011

First – thank you so much for your warm and lovely comments about my grandmother in the last blogpost – and that you (who were vocal anyways) didn’t mind me sneaking in some lots of private photos :) So – here’s the rest of the photos from Oslo – namely from the christening of my nephew.

Warning: there’s a shitload of photos incoming – but hey – it’s a christening – a big, important day – and all of my family live on the other side of the country, so I figured they could watch some photos here while waiting for the CD with the images in the mail…


Let’s start off with grandma taking her place in the church. That’s my mother on the right, and her brother on the left..


Let’s just be clear – I cut my hair w/bangles WAY before her. Like, one or two weeks before her! So typical littlesisters! She looks great though ;p


She’s beautiful when she smiles :) (hm..she’s beautiful nevertheless :p)


The kids were playing around the altar before the whole thing started. Whenever they do these kind of things I’m torn – one – I find that it yields such cute images, so I keep snapping them, probably encouraging them as well….but two – ahem..they should be sitting in their places, no? :p

Ps.Love the colorscheme of this church, yellow, grey and teal. Such a sweet combo!


The father and his mother..


My oldest niece was carrying him and the youngest took off his hat (which by the way was borrowed from my friend – THANK YOU so much! My sister’s was too small for him, and I couldn’t find mine..). Nevertheless – love how Tuva expressed her exitement here.._DSC2254-copy

…aaaand he cried…


…and cried some more…


That’s the whole host of godparents..


Hmm..I just like this picture..


The annoying thing with groupphotos and lots of photographers is that people tend to look anywhere else but me!! ;p

_DSC2293-copy nephew is looking at somebody else!! ;p


My sweet, gorgeous niece..


Making faces…my stepfather to the right..


The proud papa!


Love this image because of two things; my grandmother doing her “really??”-face, and my daughter sneaking in trying to touch her cousin (she loves him and keeps caressing his face all the time)


Grand-grandma and grand-grandson :p


The parents..


My mother, sister & nephew..


Love this shot!! :D So full of life :)


My father giving a speech..


Hi Becca! :)


One of the cakes – my mother spent hours trying to create the perfect babyface ;p


Tried to get some shots of the mainperson…


Like this one…


And finally – the final picture…


Right, thanks for watching through my images here…sigh..I miss him and my nieces so much :)

Mmm…the next post will be scrapbook-related, I promise…plus, I have a wonderful babysession to share with you soon too! :)

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ The Christening ~~'

  1. Nati Tristan Said,'> 2:31 AM

    Your family is beautiful! that church is beautiful as well!


  2.'> 7:55 AM

    These photos are just gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant!


  3. Eli Said,'> 8:41 AM

    Herlige dåpsbarnet :) Knallflotte bilder; ser ut som at dagen ble helt perfekt! (og bare hyggelig å kunne være behjelpelig med lue; ble litt lettet når Pia sendte mld om at den passet :) )Klem


  4. Silje Said,'> 12:13 PM

    Ååååh! Herlige bilder, Anne Jo.
    Og - jeg er forelsket i bestemoren din.


  5. missusem Said,'> 6:18 PM

    So good to see the generational love between all of you. You have a lovely family Anne! :)


  6.'> 11:57 PM

    What wonderful, precious photos! Love the baby's christening gown and the traditional Norwegian dress.


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