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~~ Thursday Tutorial: Time to use the tags! ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, March 17, 2011

I’m so glad you guys seem to enjoy my old tutorials :) And it feels good having them all gathered in one spot (for me). So, for todays tutorial I found this old one I did for Hambly Screenprints back in 2009. Here is the original post. I hope you’ll enjoy it :)


Whenever I buy clothes I always save the tags for future projects without really having any particular plans for them. Especially if the tags are in chipboard and cute.

For todays tutorial I figured it was about time to clean out some of the tags & the Hambly scrap-box at the same time.
Here's what you need:
Tags in various sizes
Small bits & pieces of chipboard, buttons, stickers etc. Today's about cleaning up and using some of the stuff you got lying around =)
Adhesive of choice. I used double-sided tape.
Scissors & exacto knife

Assemble a number of tags. Don't worry about the different sizes or thickness.


Apply adhesive on the tags (make sure you cover up the "ugly" side) & dress them up with papers. Trim to fit.

Repeat with the rest of the tags.

Apply gesso on the backside of the tags (the "pretty" side) if you want to use them for journaling. Let dry. Punch holes and put on a ring.

Place photo(s) and 2-3 embellishments together. Adhere.

Gather the tags together and bind it with a bookbinder-ring or ribbon. Tadah :) You now got yourself a cute and sturdy little tag-album you can put in your bag :)



Here’s more images of this mini:


I feel the itch to make a mini or two again soon! I did one a few weeks ago, but am hoping to get it picked up, so can’t share it yet… am in Oslo atm attending DOK:11 (a Norwegian photofestival for pressphotographers) & meeting family and friends.. I know I’ll come back with lots of photos to scrap, but uhm, I still haven’t turned last years DOK:10 into a mini as I originally planned…..soooo eeks..need to do that first before I handle DOK:11, no? Hmm!

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  1. Lula Said,'> 7:59 PM

    Misforstå meg rett nå du får "stygge" ark til å bli fantastisk bra! Jeg skjønner godt at produsenter og designteam vil ha deg med på laget Ania. Du fortjener absolutt alt;) BEUNDRER


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