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~~ Photosession: Verdens fineste Alma, part deux ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, that’s what her mom claims, and I’m certainly not one to oppose that statement! (Means “worlds finest Alma” in Norwegian)

What follows are the rest of the pictures from the photosession – or well – mostly the more amusing shots, like the crying ones, or the goofy ones and stuff. Part one can be seen here.


I really, really love this shot.


And this one..look at the tears welling up her eyes….awww…


Aaand she cries! Ahhh so fun taking pictures of babies crying (not in a mean way, just think they look oh so cute when they really go for it…minus the volume, haha)


The crying prompted a break: a lullaby and a quick powernap.


Haha, this one is like, “yaaa-awn man, do we really have to continue shooting??”

Notice the spinning wheel in the background? I’m not sure if I placed it correctly – looking at the pictures I start to wonder if it should have been placed a bit closer to the baby – between the baby and the shelves in the background, and maybe to the left or something. That it should have been peeking from the left. I dunno. I just wanted to include it in some of the pictures.._DSC2715-copy

Definitely not have its wheel right behind the babys head…ahwell! Added this one because I find the pouting cute ;p It’s like she’s saying “oh god, why me!?”


Hungry baby is hungry! Haha. Loveloveloved this blanket!! Since there’s no way I’m gonna crochet something like this on my own (and don’t even think about trying to get me started, yarn-friends!!), I might gonna start to scavenge flea-markets and similar for a blanket like this. Would be oh so fantastic for future photosessions, donchathink?? Darn. So cool. Really!


*soft sigh* Lovelovelove the light (a huge window to the left), the background and her mellow expression…


And her cheeks…and look at her hands...awww…it’s like she knew this was the last of the pictures and just gave up – like she’s thinking “alright cmon, let’s get this over with already so I can go back to my own business”.

I’m so glad we did these last shots because they’re my personal faves (along with the cry- and soothingpictures). Thank you so much for letting me borrow your precious Alma!


This is soon on its way in the mail! :)


For those curious – I decided to do this CD-envelope a little different than my past ones (aka minus using brads or buttons & thread to fasten the back). This time I just created a hmm, sleeve (?), decorated it and it’s holding the CD-envelope together when put on (no bulky buttons or brads). Just make sure it’s not fit too snugly around the CD-envelope so it’s difficult sliding it on/off.

Materials: Prima, tag from Elle’s Studio, letters from Pink Paislee and transparency from Hambly Screenprints :)


Now, on to something more personal, yet related...

I’ve started to time the time spent on the whole editing-process, to try and pinpoint the “correct” pricerange for the whole thing. It’s one of the ugh-part of the whole thing – trying to determine how much I’m “worth”. And actually registering the time spent on the post-procession has given me some eyeopeners, to say the least.

Yes, I know – I should not undersell myself (I’ve been spending too long time in that category – although I do not regret that – it has been necessary because I’ve needed the experience, especially to back up the whole “I’m worth this” thing – a great tip I’ve picked up is to up your price a little with every new wedding until you’re at a satisfactory price), and I spend probably too much time on the post-procession because I really, really can not hand out pictures I’m personally not satisfied with. A friend suggested that I could offer an own price-package for unedited photos, but tbh, to me that’s out of the question – I don’t know what it is (but my pride) but it would absolutely pain me giving others unedited photos. I’m like – ugh – no, no way – these photos aren’t done then!

And still – even when knowing I shouldn’t undersell myself, it’s hard pinpointing and giving people quotas (As a couple, who had seen my wedding-pictures and trying to back me up, told me at a party once – “Honestly, with your price quote, and if we hadn’t seen your pictures, we would think you weren’t good enough because you’re too cheap. You seriously need to raise the prices for your own sake.” That being said, I’m satisfied with the current wedding-price I’m at atm. It’s determining the other things that’s giving me a headache atm.). And some of my friends and past clients are great supporters of mine, helping me feeling better about my photography, my decisions, and even sending me more work… thank you so much, I truly appreciate you and the different ways in which you all have supported me and still do.

I’m not really sure if this is the correct place to write about all this, especially in a photosession-post, how tacky haha. But – it’s been on my mind for a very long time (about a year and half or longer – but more pressing the last half year), so it’s not about this session nor the latest ones. It’s simply about moving on, I think. At least trying to tell myself it’s about time. Oh I know – I do have so so much more to learn, and I learn new things during all my sessions – but I am also past the newbieish-phase and I guess it’s time to acknowledge that. And it feels good typing this “out loud”  – yet.. although I have a strong support among my closest re adjusting my prices, it still feels difficult for me determining it, sticking to it and saying or typing the price to potential clients when it comes to that.

I’d love to know your experiences and opinions on this, whether you’re a budding photographer, a seasoned photographer, or just on the other side of the business i.e. clients – what’s your thoughts about prices and what to expect from someone you might be considering to hire as a photographer, eventually – what’s your past experiences and thoughts re these?

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Photosession: Verdens fineste Alma, part deux ~~'

  1. Trude Julie Said,'> 12:55 PM

    My oh my how nice and beautiful pictures, the statement is absolutely true, that's the worlds most beautiful Alma.
    Have a nice day


  2. Nati Tristan Said,'> 4:04 PM

    Wonderful pictures and adorable baby! That CD sleeve is so cute!


  3. Aquarell Said,'> 5:50 PM

    Fantastisk flotte bilder!
    Så gjerne jeg skulle ønske at jeg bodde nærmere deg, da skulle jeg jaggu meg leid deg inn som fotograf. Du tar virkelig nydelige bilder. :)


  4. banglamarie Said,'> 6:13 PM

    Nydelige bilder!


  5.'> 1:34 AM

    Oh, so many beautiful photos! Regarding finding an afghan as a prop--your friend Banglamarie makes beautiful ones.


  6. Bellaidea Said,'> 2:48 PM

    You take great shots! I envy you...:)


  7. Eli Said,'> 8:03 AM

    Flotte bilder; skjønner det er vanskelig å velge ut når det er så mye bra :) Og ja; ikke underselg deg selv! Du har mange timers jobb både med å ta bildene og redigere, og du er dyktig på det du gjør og bør absolutt ta deg betalt for det også.


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