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~~ Oy, will you look at that ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 05, 2011

This week’s been our winter-vacation, and we started it w/celebrating the kiddos bday and stuff, spending time at the airport (my mom came over, only, she wasn’t allowed to fly in on Monday because of the stupid fog at the airport, causing her to postpone her flights and stuff after like, what, eight-ten hours at the airport and stuff. Boring, sucky stuff). Then there’s been some work and socializingstuff, so haven’t gotten around to blog scrappy stuff until now (nor scrap much, boohoo). Nevertheless!


1.  The March Color Challenge over at Crate Paper: Yellow, Kraft and Gray


I’ll admit, I cheated a tiiny little bit, adding some red, and say, the grey looked a bit blueish, so I decided it was completely fine to use the blueish items aswell, which’s sorta bluegreyish. Yeah. Right? Letsee, yeah, I used pretty much Toy BOx here – both the 12x12 and 6x6” papers, as well as stickers, chipboard and stuff…the border-sticker & some of the chipboards are from the Restoration and Portrait-collections aswell. Hmhm. Yeah. Other stuff include tags from Elle’s Studio, gems from KaiserCraft and hm, I think that’s it?


You should submit to this challenge – the deadline is March 11th and all you need is to remember to stick to the three colors & use at least 50% Crate Paper :) Old or new, it doesn’t matter :)


I like how I keep having scraps on my desk, they’re often put to use on newer projects, like this yellow strip – a leftover from another project, and I was like…I oughta throw this away – but didn’t, and found out it would be nice on this project like this :)


The layout is about how the kids loves going to the library…I remember how I loved to go to the public library when I was little (Deichmanske i Oslo er et supert bibliotek! Trappa når du skal inn….både inne og ute….oioi :)) with my grandparents (hm, I oughta scrap that memory), yet I’ll admit to be sucky at bringing my own kids to the library…mostly because I’m afraid I’ll just forget about giving back the books and stuff (as I’ve been…cough..known to have a slightly sucky track myself..cough..I have librarian-friends, please don’t get mad at me!!)..nevertheless…last fall I decided – as my oldest had been really really reading a lot….that ok, we’ll give this a try…. it’s been a breeze so far (knock on wood) – and it’s been one of the best ideas ever put into play – love it when we take our trips to the library, usually twice a month…:)


2. Happy blogpost!

Remember Skissedillas sketch #100 celebration? My layout was one of the winners, hooray! Thank you so much for the lovely, nice words, mi@!


3. Happy mail!

I got a card picked up for Paper Crafts Go-To Sketches for Card Makers! Sweet, especially knowing they actually got 2 760 submissions to that issue. Wow! I suppose I could mention I got a bookmark picked up as well, for their regular July/August issue. Hmm. Not too shabby for someone who isn’t really a cardmaker :)


  • pattyo Said,

    12:52 AM

    Happy Birthday, Adrian! Time flies all too quickly! My baby will be 21 years old this month!
    P.S. I think you did so well with the feelings thing that you should continue!!

  • rosemary Said,

    1:02 AM

    Happy b-day to your kid! I think that makes him a "tween" now?
    As excited are you are to be done with your daily "feelings" journal, I'm disappointed! You singlehandedly brought me out of baking hibernation--been having a blast making goodies with my toddler--thank you! But now what will I do to find tried & true yummy recipes?

Thank you so much! It’s always nice to get encouragements, and it was mostly pretty fun doing that too (although the weather-one kept reminding me how grey and boring the weather mostly were…are.. :p) – but one month is enough for me. For now :) And Rosemary, I totally know what you mean! I usually try out new stuff when I see other bloggers or tweeters recommend something – it feels different when there’s people I “know” behind the recommendations, like it’s actually pre-approved… and I’ve rarely been disappointed. I’ll surely continue that every once in a while, but I’m no foodie-blogger – there’s so many good ones out there (and I’m too afraid to follow too many! Too tempting to try out new stuff all the time then sorta) :) And god, I guess so, but in my mind I picture that “tween”-dom sorta only apply to girls :p At least the mindset that follows, no?


  • ParentesFantomet Said,

    2:04 PM

    Yey! You did it! en hel måned med oppdateringer, DET står det respekt av. Gleder meg til å se minialbumet du lager (jeg skal lage et jeg og :D )
    Ha en suveren dag!

Yey, du og! :)

Håper jeg får til dette snart, er blitt alt for lite scrapping i det siste og bare jobbjobbjobb! :p *tusler tilbake til jobbgreiene*

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  1. Lula Said,'> 9:27 PM



  2. AmandaR Said,'> 3:34 AM

    Hi Anne! Your creations are stunning. I have an award for you over at my blog if you would like to collect it:
    You're the best!
    xx Amanda


  3. Kathy Martin Said,'> 2:13 PM

    Seriously cool page!


  4. sophie Said,'> 5:12 PM

    cool news so many achievements here!! woot woot! but it is so very well deserved!! you rock!! I love your take on the color challenge and like the idea that you did a bit what you liked with the colors!! freedom!!!


  5. Amy Heller Said,'> 6:07 PM

    LOVE your layout, Ania! Even if you did CHEAT!! LOL - I love the addition of the grayish blue and red! ;)


  6.'> 3:53 PM

    my fav colour combo!


  7.'> 1:15 AM

    I think you should do a layout documenting your library visits as a child. It would go wonderful along with this one. Perhaps using the same design. Congrats on your "winnings"! Well deserved!


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