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~~ Happy Birthday! ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Happy birthday kiddo :)


It’s a continuous privilege to have gotten to know you for ten you so much :)


oh, and hi Amalie =)


LAST DAY!!! :p

listening: after listening to 4 loud kids riling each others up all afternoon it’s nice w/a bit of quiet time now :)
eating: leftovers from today – I just love pizza w/olive, feta, onion & bacon, with slices of avocado baked 5 pizza’s (2 kiddo-versions, 2 grownup-versions & 1 taco-version) & at least 28-30 hotdog-bread p
drinking: sprite
wearing: pj’s
feeling: sleepy and a bit sad mom didn’t make it (foggy airport all day = no planes were allowed to land :(she got new tickets tho, for tomorrow so here’s to hoping she’ll make it then!)
weather: well, sunny & lovely here, FOGGY at the airport!
wanting: my babies back..they keep growing and growing!
needing: to stop crocheting because it makes me so tense! ;p
thinking: that I oughta make that “feelings”-mini now :p
enjoying: the last “feelings”-thingie for now!
wondering: where the friggin time went >< It’s soon March, lots of things happening at once and my new job is a month away >< yikes! I also really want to attend Papirfesten, but ugh, can I really spend time&money on that with so much else going on this upcoming month? Then again, I probably won’t have much time off once I start working because I opted to not have any summer-vacation while working (and rather take the “vacation” after I’m quitting in September), so I should really treat myself to this sortof….? Hmm!


Edited to say..ooh..I thought I did post this one already, but somehow I did not. Ahwell. *pushing publish now* :p

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Happy Birthday! ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 7:19 PM

    Flotte Adrian; gratulerer med 10åring i heimen :) Kjedelig med tåketull bare!! Og angående PF; you know what to do- yey for rom på rommet ;)


  2. gudrun Said,'> 10:57 PM

    Gratulerer med dagen :) :)


  3. Ellen* Said,'> 11:34 PM

    Gratulerer med flotte tiåringen!:o)


  4.'> 12:52 AM

    Happy Birthday, Adrian! Time flies all too quickly! My baby will be 21 years old this month!
    P.S. I think you did so well with the feelings thing that you should continue!!


  5. rosemary Said,'> 1:02 AM

    Happy b-day to your kid! I think that makes him a "tween" now?

    As excited are you are to be done with your daily "feelings" journal, I'm disappointed! You singlehandedly brought me out of baking hibernation--been having a blast making goodies with my toddler--thank you! But now what will I do to find tried & true yummy recipes?


  6. Trude Julie Said,'> 2:04 PM

    Yey! You did it! en hel måned med oppdateringer, DET står det respekt av. Gleder meg til å se minialbumet du lager (jeg skal lage et jeg og :D )
    Ha en suveren dag!


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