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~~ Gone Fishing ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, November 18, 2007
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Ok, not really fishing, but off for a week of scrapbooking and stuff at Ål :)
I'll be accessible when it comes to the email at least, no idea how good my netconnection will be though - depends on wheter there's wireless access there or not I guess. Anyways - I'm loaded - Christmas Pressies (for my relatives in Oslo - will meet mom & stephdad in Ål too - sis: I hope you appreciate this! your pressie takes like 80% of my bag!!!!!!) - check, extra materials for my class - check, clothes for me and Amalie - check, scrapbooking-stuff & piccies for myself - check (am not leaving my apartment while Amalie is in bed so I'm hoping I'll get a lot of personal scrapping done in the evenings. We'll see. Things never go as planned :p)

I'm also excited because Amalie will be attending a signed/mixed kindergarten while I'm teaching at Ål. I've tried to use signlanguage to her some (I really sucked at that dep with Adrian so I'm hoping to make up for it with Amalie) and she does sign some on her own - so it'll be interesting to see how she'll do in that kindergarten - and all week as we'll be staying in a sign-language-environment pretty much 24/7.

I have prepared some piccies for upcoming blogposts - if I'm lucky I'll still be able to share stuff during the week whenever I get my hands on tah Intarwebs. Me smart! ;)

None I can share atm though, so I'll leave you with a piccie of me and my hubs taken with my cellphone on friday...we had one of our very very rare twice or thrice a year-going-out-partying-occasion. ;) lousy quality but I still like it :)

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  1. Piamiin Said,'> 9:19 AM

    Her sitter jeg og Rebecca + Tuva sjokkerte over se på håret ditt. Hva har skjedd? Meldt deg på Blitz huset? hehe :P
    Oversalderen krise?? hehehe
    Ja god tuuur te ÅL!!! Sukkeh.. NESTE ÅR VI ER MED! :D


  2.'> 7:09 PM

    Hope you'll have a great time!! :)


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 10:48 PM

    hope you are having a brilliant time!!!!
    love the pic of you and DH!!


  4.'> 12:26 PM

    have agreat week!!


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