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~~ snow, christmascards, peek ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's been snowing and stuff here the last few days...cold cold cold cold....the kids loves it though...both have been wanting to play outside both morning and evening... took some photos of them - unfortunately I didn't notice the stupid ISO being at 640. *sigh* How many times do I have to make that mistake..??? *grumble*

I've been kinda hit by a guilttrip this morning. So I tried to be a good housewife. We moved to this house like, 5+ months ago or so - but after the initial rush the first months all the boxes etc have just been ...lying around gathering Today I felt kinda really really really bad about this fact so I've cleaned and emptied three boxes already - but theres waaaay too many to go yet. Haven't been actually *scrapping* in three days (cards does NOT count as scrapping) so I'm feelin'!

Anyways - showing you some of the cardsamples I've been making for my cardclass at Ål (in a week) - Daisy D and MME with some stamps from Papirloftet. Mom's gonna attend my class and I'm looking forward to see her paint again - she used to paint a lot when she was younger....we keep trying to make her do it again..she says she misses it...but she just don't find the time to paint....ohwell.... I'm sure she'll do excellent with the stamp & painting :)

Oh - must not forget - another peek for the Bad Girls Christmas Workshop ;)

*off to try empty more boxes!*

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ snow, christmascards, peek ~~'

  1. Lilo Said,'> 12:06 PM

    vilka jättefina snöbilder!!Och dina kort ser helt underbara ut! Jag ska skapa lite kort här under dagen jag med. =)


  2. Camilla G Said,'> 12:57 PM

    Ser ut som om de koser seg i snøen! Jeg tror det blir rart og komme hjem fra jobb på tirsdag, også er det plutselig snø hjemme! Jeg som fremdeles venter på sommeren...


  3. Kathrine Said,'> 2:39 PM

    Så flink du er å rydde!


  4. Catrine Said,'> 10:57 PM

    Oi, så mye snø da! Fine bilder - ser ut som de storkoser seg! Her snødde det i omtrent to minutter i dag. *hehe*
    Så flink du er til å rydde! *klem*


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 3:11 PM

    Gorgeous pictures!! So glad I am not the only one who forgets to check ISO!!
    Happy unpacking!!


  6.'> 9:31 PM

    bbbrrr, looks really cold, loving the snow photos though!


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