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~~ Peeks peeks peeks - because I can't wait :p ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Alright girls. LOADS of peeks today.
Some of them will be revealed soon (like the Bad Girls december-ones), some of them won't be revealed until like two months into the new year. Sooooo apologies in advance for being such a tease but I just really wanna show I *have* been working on stuff lately ;)

Ps. Dexter!!! Holy shit did anyone watch this the other day???? Omg. Wtf. Omg! I seriously went wtf when they ended it like I have to wait another week?? Grrr..... so.good!
Ps2. Sorry for the language but really. The last ep was that great :p
Ps3: oh. first peek is just the bad girl candy I got in the kit....which the others got in the november kit for halloween...totally cool Bad Girl m&ms!

8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Peeks peeks peeks - because I can't wait :p ~~'

  1. Linda Said,'> 4:43 PM

    WOW...Cant wait to see the rest of the stuff. Awesome.


  2. Lene S Said,'> 6:05 PM

    Oj oj oj dette så skikkelig spennende ut! lekre detaljer her...gleder meg til å se alt sammen :o)


  3.'> 10:24 PM

    oi skal si du erter!!
    GLEDER meg til aa se alt sammen!! :)


  4. Jill Said,'> 11:06 PM

    Dette så SPENNENDE ut!
    Mye lekre detaljer!!!


  5.'> 10:50 AM

    Oh wow, all those sneaks look awesome! Can't wait to see all of it!


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 9:02 PM

    AHHH...come on now you tease!!!
    they all look so gorgeous!!
    and I LOVE the photos from your previous post!!


  7. Eli Said,'> 6:36 PM

    Ah - ser jo nå at jeg har sett mesteparten jeg *gliiis* Så mye flott att :) Kjekt at du kom på treff i går. Må komme neste gang og! KLEM, E


  8. iris Said,'> 7:00 AM

    You are a tease!! :) The sneak peaks look awesome! I can't wait to see the rest!


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