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~~ A little hello from the mountains ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grr...the wireless network that's here just won't work on my stephfathers laptop, so I can't post some of the photos from here...ohwell...we're having a great time here - Amalie is totally loving the attention she gets here being the only child around....and she's so into grandma..... tailing her everywhere...grandma doesn't mind cause she only sees her like thrice or so a year...

I was looking forward to snow but there ain't much snow around here strangely enough...ohwell....

Anyways - as I don't have any photos to upload (yet - haven't given up the sittin on one of the school-pc's) I'll show my pre-prepared layout from last sundays' Pencil-Lines-layout.... I tested out the vaseline-distress-thingie on the stars that's on Emily Falconbridges blog (thanks Anam for looking that up for me!) - not quite the effect I wanted then but it's still a very very cool one don't ya think? :) Also, the hedgehog (I LOVE THEM :D Aw too cute!) is one of the "buttons" I printed from the Pixelfarm-font (after an idea by Kal Bartesky). The kiddo kinda can't sit straight - always sits in funny angles & stuff...:p

Oook gotta run class has begun !!!

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ A little hello from the mountains ~~'

  1.'> 1:19 PM

    Love the effect on the stars, great layout! I lifted the idea with the Pixelfarm circles, I hope that's ok! Wish you a good time!


  2.'> 2:38 PM

    i adore this layout, so striking!!


  3. TiteC Said,'> 3:31 PM

    love this LO !

    gorgeous colours and great sketch !

    congrats !!


  4. tovetyll Said,'> 6:02 PM

    åå super lo, digger den svarte, åpne flaten, veldig effektfullt!!


  5. iris Said,'> 3:49 AM

    This just pops! Love the colors against the black plus the little strip of buttons at the top :)


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