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Posted by Ania On Friday, January 25, 2008

I found this link through Candice Stringhams blog - a son shows off his moms photos from the 40s and stuff - complete with her own notes and stuff on flickr. His mom even is on flickr too, commenting the commenters. I liked this photo, love this one and the description and this story is so sweet and well, reminds me that old people were young too and had lives before becoming parents kinda (shouldn't surprise me ;p but I don't know if I'd tell about exes to my son and stuff..maybe when I grow really really old and it's all long gone and innocent?) and here's the whole set :) And I have to echo Candice - this really reminds us that simple photos and journaling can give so much to the future generation. I don't think I'll go running around staging everyday moments including myself in the frame now, but I'll certainly gonna give more thought as to how to show the children more of the personal me and daddy and our everyday life in the layouts. I think.

Right. I made this simple layout some weeks ago for a challenge I'm doing as a part of the Bad Girls team over at Split Coast Stampers forum - will be posting sometime today. I think my own challenge will just be, take an old photo and have a go at it - haven't quite decided yet. Tracie and I guested there this Christmas with the Pencillines-gals - now we're back w/the Bad Girls team :) And yes - that's me - celebrating my bday...I liked the thought of singing "happy birthday" to me on the layout *smile* Everything on this layout except the title-thickers and stamps are from different old Bad Girl kits. Used the last of the Prima-bling (dang! I *love* these!!) and am happy I finally got around to use the black filefolder. Inside the filefolder I've tucked a prima-journalingpad noting the things I remember from this photo - well - I don't remember the exact day but I find it amusing to note how I remember the furniture (note the posh green and yellow striped couch - we had that one for YEARS ;p), a little corner of the frames of moms oil-painting (horses in a valley - she was pretty good at painting - but always points out that she never got around to finish this painting - the horses are lacking their shadows :) ), the good old serveware that's still in use today when we get guests at home..ahh... those sweet little memories and connections that gives so much more value to a photo for those involved...
I have to say though - I struggled with this photo for three days!! Gah!! Seriously - I really really wanted to scrap this photo. Yet it was somewhat muddy and dark and well - clashy colours and did not know how to scrap this. Whined about it on msn for at least two days to friends who wanted to hear (or maybe they just ignored the whine-part :p). Just didn't want to give it up. Went thru Daisy D and Scenic Route and whatev papers before I pulled out the old BG kits and settled for this. Ohwell. I think I pulled it together okay considering my headaches and the aestetic challenging photo.

Nuff boring talk.
I'm currently workin on future Pencillines-layouts and I have to say: YAY for Rouge de Garance! (Urbaine and Indigo. Beautiful stuff!) Two layouts feat RgD now and I remember why I loved RdG in the first place. So excited to see what's in store for CHA! And re. CHA, did you see the peek what's incoming from Prima?? (check the Scrappy Gourmet blog, "More CHA Sneaks!", at the end of the post) Woah! Looks like a mix of Scenic Route and RdG! I know I'm so excited to see if it's really as cool as it looks like!! Atm I think - yeah - I'm most excited about SR, Prima and RdG for CHA. The MAMBI peeks looked totally lovely and cool aswell and I love AC's thickers and MMs elegant and chick journalingspots!

Now. Check Scrappedugnad sometime today - there'll be a new challenge up there and I totally adore my own layout for that one ;) (oooh yeeyyy don't make your head explode now Ania :p)

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  1.'> 11:52 AM

    Thanks for all the links, Ania. The Prima stuff looks WOW, can't wait to work with it! And your layout is beautiful!! Thanks for inspiring!


  2. Aquarell Said,'> 1:42 PM

    Så flott LOen din var!
    Skikkelig nostalgisk feel over den.
    Ha en god helg...:D


  3. Heidi Said,'> 12:03 AM

    Nydelig Ania!!!!!

    Det ligger en utfordring til deg i bloggen min.

    Ha en flott helg!!


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