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~~ She's a star ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, January 26, 2008

Funny thing. I did a little quiz at Glassbooth to check who I'd support/share beliefs with if I was to vote for the US President Campagin. It was just a fun lil' tidbit as I do not have all the insights to how things are or work in the US - like the No Child Behind thing they asked about (just briefly looked at the resume at Wiki - the intentions looked good but good intentions are like, one thing - another is how it's actually executed and the consequenses...I guess.).. but... apparently if I was an American I'd be a Democrat and share 79% similarity with Mike Gravel (who??), 78% with John Edwards and 76% with Hillary Clinton. Right. But then again - if I was an American I'd probably have more and better insight when it comes to what the questions really was about and stuff and the results woulda seen a lil different..maybe? :)

Scrappedugnad went live last night yep - with Amber Skolnick as our guest and this yummy challenge: use stars and paint in your project. I created this layout way back in November for this challenge - sometimes I'm too fast for my own good which means loooooads of waiting until I can finally show and by then I'm not happy about the layout at all (a typical trait w/me - I usually don't like layouts older than 2 weeks). Ohwell. I'm happy I made it though - it's me and Ingunn when we were in Stavanger for Papirfest :) When I got to know Ambers prompt I just HAD to make a layout like this - 'cuz Ingunn's a star ya know... true story! ;) *snicker* I joked with her that it'd be the first of many "star"-photos and layouts she'd have to endure lol ;p Right. The stars - yummy Lil Davis' stars painted w/ dabbers and smudged with vaseline and then repainted and then wiped. I like that technique - a very cool tip that originates from Emily Falconbridge. Papers used here are um, Making Memories and Sassafras Lass :)

Now. Off to take the kids down to watch a basketgame and do some grocery-shopping :)

8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ She's a star ~~'

  1.'> 2:12 PM

    Beautiful beautiful layout, love the paint on the stars!!
    Have a great weekend!


  2. Aquarell Said,'> 2:49 PM

    Så utrolig flott den layouten ble!
    skal prøve meg på utfordringen i morgen, må bare komme meg hjem først.

    Ha en flott lørdag!:D


  3.'> 9:31 PM

    wow! Kanon kul LO!!!
    Og skikkelig kul utfording!!! :D

    ha en fin helg <3


  4. Oddbjørg Said,'> 11:50 PM

    Nydelig layout Ania.
    Jeg har lagt deg til som "venner" i bloggen min... håper det er greit.


  5.'> 7:49 AM

    what an awesome LO, WOW!


  6. Sonja Said,'> 5:01 PM

    Kjempefin LO Ania! Jeg har utfordret deg i bloggen min (",)
    Ha en fortsatt god helg!


  7. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 11:48 PM

    Har utfordret deg jeg, ta en titt i bloggen min :o)


  8. Unknown Said,'> 11:49 PM

    Lekker LO Ania!
    Det ligger forresten en liten hilsen til deg i bloggen min ;)


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