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~~ NY Photos & My Favorite Layouts of 2007 ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I was gonna go through my fave layouts for 2007 and well, I didn't think I had that many faves....usually I feel like bleh about my layouts after 2-3 weeks but hm. Still there was this thing I liked about that layout or that thing...a happening I loved, a photo I loved, some papers I number of my faves kinda raised to uh...70... I haven't counted my total layouts for last year. I'd guess it's somewhere around 140-150 or so. Still have a number of layouts I can't show - future Pencillines, Scrappedugnad, Bad Girls and publications - not sure wheter to put them into the 2007 or 2008 category then? *boggle* ohwell :)

Anyways. NY. Contemplated back and forth wheter to take piccies or not - I mean - taking piccies of fireworks = I have to open my verandadoor = let the cold get in = me no like freezing! And I've never really been one to go out for fireworks anyways - I don't like the thoughts of what might happen if accidents happen and stuff...scary things .... fireworks are best at a distance....looooong safe distance... anyways. The weather was nice, the cold wasn't that bad and I figured - next year it might rain or be cloudy or whatever so I better grab the chance while I had it...(besides, private fireworks will be partially forbidden next year - good!) So. My first time really playing with firework-photos. Not too bad but not too spetacular either.

Happy New Year! :)

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ NY Photos & My Favorite Layouts of 2007 ~~'

  1. Anne Said,'> 6:15 PM

    Godt nyttår til deg og dine. for noen fantastiske nyttårsraketter du har fått tatt bilde av. utrlig flotte bilder som du rett og slett kan være stolt av.


  2. Sonja Said,'> 6:37 PM

    Du har mangen flotte Loer og nydelige bilder fra nyttårsrakkettene!

    Godt nytt år!


  3.'> 10:29 PM

    HAPPY NEW YEAR To you and yours as well :)



  4. Jill Said,'> 6:18 PM

    Happy new year!!!
    Tøffe bilder!


  5.'> 11:06 AM

    Happy New Year!!
    Gorgeous firwork photos and great layout choices. Love all of them!


  6. Aquarell Said,'> 10:32 PM

    Godt nyttår!
    Fantastiske bilder av rakettene!:D


  7.'> 3:52 PM

    wow for noen fantastiske flotte rakettbilder du har tatt på nyttårsaften. Jeg er helt imponert :)
    Godt nytt år til deg og dine :)


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