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~~ I made up my mind ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, January 09, 2008

don't need to think it over
if I'm wrong I am right
don't need to look no further

should I give up?
or should I just keep chasing pavements

even if it leads no where?

Can't help but being mezmerised by the lyrics of Chasing Pavements by Adele.
Such a beautiful her voice...

Leaving you with photos of my fave cup used for tea (although Amalie seem to think it's her cup! Grr!). Bought when in Southampton on one of my visits to my hubby when he studied there. There's several new challengeblogs out there now, both for photography and for scrapping. I'm wary of committing myself to new weekly or even daily stuff though. Kinda feel like I stretched it with last years Designing With 2007-challenge over at Lifetime Moments (managed 49 out of 52 weeks yay! even won three of the months so it wasn't that bad all in all :) ). Hm. Digressing! Um right. Cup. Thought it looked interesting - Ashley Wrens lil challengething Overlooked. Think I'll follow the photoprompts, not sure about the scrapping part though. We'll see.

I was contemplating taking part of Anna's 365 Days challenge, but um, problem is I totally hate to take photos of myself. I did try but totally gave up after four or so fugly snapshots (I think it's the subject that's the problem, not the cam ;p). So. No. Can. Do. We'll see, I'm watching and cheering her up though, maybe I'll feel braver later this year. Do have a look though - I believe it definately makes you a better photog when you have to think of creative ways & solutions to take photos of yourself kinda.

The last photochallenge I was looking at is over at - there's this dude talking about taking a photo a week that tells you something about your community. Hm. I like the thought. Document your community throughout the year. Wonder if I'll be lynched or something like that if I keep standing outside my kids school or kidergarten taking photos for like, seemingly no reason? Taking a photo each quarter of the life outside these areas kinda sounds like a cool idea among other subjects to take photos of hmm.

Here's his simple rules:
  1. Shoot one great shot a week, each week in 2008.
  2. Try to plan out your shot.
  3. The goal is to document your community.
It really sounds cool. I really think I'll try this one. Shame the weather's so....grey & dark... these days...bleh.

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I made up my mind ~~'

  1. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 10:41 PM

    Likte utfordringen om å ta bilder av nærmiljøet! Er egnetlig noe en bør bli flinkere til, ihverfall jeg :o)

    Stilige bilder av koppen din!


  2.'> 11:45 PM

    you will be taking SP's by the end of 2008, lol


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 6:02 AM

    Well, Ania, I'm glad to have you join us on the 2008 Challenge. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. If you use flickr or another photosharing site, make sure to tag your images with "2008challenge".


  4.'> 9:54 AM

    Great pics! And if you decide to take part in these challenges, I am sure that the results will be amazing!! :)


  5. Lene S Said,'> 11:12 PM

    Jeg er så imponert over alt kult du rekker å være med på, og å finne ut av! Og tusen takk for alt du deler med oss av ressurser her og der! Jeg er veldig takknemlig for det :o)

    Veldig gøy å smigrende å se så flotte layouter med papirene mine på her, tusen takk!!


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