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~~ Moar photos! And a layout! ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Alright. This Pencillines-sketch was made by the totally deadly talented Janine Langer. I'm so in love with her scrapping-style and she's been so lucky that she's been playing around in a studio twice with totally gorgeous results - have a look! (Eli! Ellen1!!!!!!!! LEIE STUDIO???????? PRONTO!!! :p) Our guest this time was Pam - also known as PamT on the all the layouts....we were so lucky to be sponsed by Fresh Pages this time - I got a totally yummy Scenic Route-kit - YEAH!! Oh, and in addition to a chance on this months prize at Pencillines (A kit from A million memories) Janine is also offering a RAK of her own to those who does her sketch and link it to her. Yay! And the sketch's in both 12x6 and 12x12.... no excuse to not do it! :)

Right. Mine's w/ the kids looking for blueberries..:)

Renée wondered what kind of filters/actions I used on my photos in this post.
First photo (wet log) was just me goofin around in RAW then doing finishing touches in curves & levels in photoshop for the extreme hues - I'm not that familiar with that kind of editing in RAW yet. (I'm doing all basic editing in RAW first tho, tryin to do advanced editing in raw too but usually end up doing that in photoshop). Photo no 2 (water-measurer) was done in RAW aswell and got its finishing touches with a lomo-action. The street-photo entirely in RAW w/some extra sharpening in PS when done. The two last photos (of the kids) - RAW & lil adjusting in photoshop next (soft light/screen++) . Oh and all resized and stuff for web in Photoshop.

For photosessions (like the recent one) I usually do basic stuff in RAW then adjust the levels if needed before running an action, like the Itty Bitty Actions. Love to do vignetting in RAW tho & extra vignetting w/ the burn tool in Photoshop if needed :)

Basically for my own "homephotos" I just goof around w/raw and photoshop playing & trying to learn more on my own. For the more "serious" sessions I tend to rely more on the precious actions when done in RAW - maybe because these kind of photos usually are more suitable for the actions I have, while the homephotos are of various quality (think bad home-lightning :p) *still waiting for my very first photoshop-books from Amazon!!*

Anyways. Leaving you with more favephotos..... some are a tad too blurry....esp cause they were like, cracking me up which is like, not too good cause like - intentional camera shake??? Tsktsk. Note to self: If you're laughing, stop taking piccies! Such a lousy photographer :p Howeveeeeer.....totally loved the chance to do a photosession with those tho and would love more chances to practice because I really do need that *smile*

Her kommer flere bilder fra fotosessionen med K&M. Ca litt over 200 bilder ble til litt under 100 bilder - CD kommer i posten om ikke alt for lenge! Fotosession er gøy - håper på flere sjanser for jeg trenger virkelig å øve meg ytterligere :)

11 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Moar photos! And a layout! ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 10:58 AM

    Herlige bilder! Den knalltøffe veggen bak!:D
    Og kjempeflott LO.:)


  2.'> 11:47 AM

    Aaah, Ania, love the layout and the gorgeous pics! You are so talented!
    And thanks for your nice words. *blush*


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 5:15 PM

    åhh så fine jenter eg har. Flotte bilder. hilsen k&M mamsen


  4. Unknown Said,'> 5:32 PM

    Moro med fotosesion... Flotte bilder.

    Din pencillines Lo er veldig cool, flotte detaljer.. :-)


  5. Eli Said,'> 7:30 PM

    Ja men det kan vi vel?! :D Hadde vært driiiitmoro (som guttene sier til alt for tiden ;) )Kan jo undersøke om det finnes noen som leier ut til en ok penge? Artig med LOtitt og enda flere bilder. Og jeg er nyskjerrig på hvilket tegn hun gjør på nederste bildet. Litt opphengt for tiden *knis* Klem, E


  6.'> 8:57 PM

    Nyyydelige bilder!! :)
    Digger den LOen, spesielt treet <3


  7. Anette S Said,'> 9:21 PM

    Oooh! Nicely shot! Jeg digger at du har fanget tegn-action på det nederste bildet. For det er det, ikke sant? Ser ut som en livlig fortelling :)


  8. Stine Said,'> 11:39 PM

    Stilige bilder, du er dyktig på foto altså! Flott LO også! :)


  9. Ellen* Said,'> 6:55 PM

    Artig med photo shoot, ja!:o)
    Og så digga jeg blåbær-LO'en. Og så skriver du så innmari mye i blogpostene dine at når jeg kommer til slutten så er jeg helt forvirra og klarer ikke å legge igjen en kommentar engang...;o)
    Studio høres gøy ut, men jeg ligger sååå etter i kamerakunnskap at jeg vet ikke om det er verdt det for min del... *klem*


  10. iris Said,'> 1:21 AM

    Ania that is a beautiful layout! Love the multi-photo design and the cut-out tree! Gorgeous pics too.


  11. Anonymous Said,'> 5:26 PM

    Beautiful Pics and great layouts!


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