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~~ Birthdays, blogdays and Gaimans ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, February 10, 2008

My sweet sweet darling niece turns four today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!! Wish we could be with you today!

I also promised some more photos from friday: here's Eli in all her glory at Fretex....;) (Edited to note: no, she did not buy that green centerpiece/tablecloth :p) And because I promised her to post a photo of myself aswell if I posted hers, here's one she took of me ..:P

And because I found this at Neil Gaimans blog and think it looks so totally cool...:p Death and Sandman :P I love Neil Gaiman, who's celebrating his 7th blogday today (or maybe it was yesterday) - nevertheless - if you'd like a chance to read one of his books for free head on over here and vote. The winning book will be downloadable for free for a whole month. Neat! My fave is American Gods, but I kinda voted Anansi Boys cause yes I have still not read it duh! :( I'll make sure I'll mention which book won cause really - if you haven't read Neil Gaiman before, here's your chance! :)

Ps. The jewelleries (see below - last post) were a BIG hit with both grandmas. Now you know what to get your grandma for their birthday/Christmas ;p

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Birthdays, blogdays and Gaimans ~~'

  1. _Kine Said,'> 10:16 AM

    Det var bokstøttene sine ja! American Gods er helt klart den beste Gaimanboka, men jeg holder en knapp på Stardust også :)


  2. Eli Said,'> 11:08 AM

    Og bare så vi har det på det rene - jeg kjøpte IKKE den duken på Fretex *ler* Godt du delte bilde av deg selv og. Kjedelig å være alene ;) Gratulerer så masse til søtesnuppa som alt har blitt 4. Husker da søsteren din gikk gravid med henne (good old webbis you know) Må hilse gjengen :) SOLA skinner *dåne* og vi skal ut på tur. Eventyrskogen here we come! Ha en fin søndag da - og grattis med morsdagen (du skal vel ut og ta bilder av den sjeldne men kjærkomne gjesten? ;) ) Klem, E


  3.'> 11:34 AM

    Great shots and happy birthday to your little niece! :))


  4. Linda F. Said,'> 8:39 PM

    I voted for Anansi Boys, too. It was between that and Coraline, as I'd like more kids to read that.
    And wasn't that picture of him on his first birthday the cutest? I'm seriously considering a layout!


  5. Aquarell Said,'> 9:57 AM

    Flotte bilder av flotte jenter!:D
    Og så masse flott du har laget i det siste! Alltid morsomt å se i bloggen din, man får så mye inspirasjon herfra...
    Ha en fin dag!


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