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~~ It's snowing ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's snowing here now - snow of the beautiful kind, not the wet, yucky kind....yet! It also kinda means it's pretty cold here now - at least compared to how it's been lately...and this house is kinda big and cold and takes time getting warmed up so I grabbed Amalie, put her in the bathtub and sat down on the warm floor (love the warmingcables!) reading a book while she had fun and I was occupied and we both were - well - warm! :)

I then decided to bake a chocolatecake (I dunno - cold weather like this makes me wanna cook more!) and Amalie "helped" out. It's cute when she does so but god she spills so much, esp when she's so determined on doing stuff on her own!!! I mean - I'm pretty good at making a mess outta the kitchen but she's a little Champion! (yeah yeah yeah - "just like her mom" uh :p) Anyways.

The Bad Girl kit was revealed last night - and I'm so sorry but despite Wendy increasing her number of subscriptions each month (except from a one-month break) there's still a waiting list. Yikes! Good thing however is that the waiting list usually only lasts a month in most cases so you can pretty much sign up being safe to get the next months kit. Don't hit me if I'm wrong though!!! :p

Here's my contributions this month. My personal faves? Hmmm I think that has to be the "comfortably numb" one and "mel blø" as a close second cause it turned out so much nicer than I thought it would. And I love how the sewn ribbon looks irl. Love velvet ribbons that's scalloped - need more of those!!!

Now. Re last posts declaration about war on lightbulbs and stuff. Sigh. Xstine explained that there's supposedly a fine print (which I haven't checked into yet but it sounds very plausible anyways) about lightbulbs only lasting for 2 years if they're used like, avg. 2 hours a day. Bleh!

Spørsmål: Hva gjør man når det snør og er kaldt og huset er ganske så kaldt også og man er alene hjemme med vesla?
Svar: tar henne med ned på badet, lar henne bade og leke og kose seg mens man ligger på varmekabelgulvet og leser en god bok. I nesten to timer til hun blir lei.
Me smart!

8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ It's snowing ~~'

  1. Catrine Said,'> 8:00 PM

    Nydelige LO'er!
    Og jippi, jeg fikk mail for noen uker siden om at jeg nå er Bad Girls kit medlem! :D
    Gleder meg så masse!
    Ha en flott lørdagskveld! *klem*


  2. Berit Said,'> 12:26 AM

    Hihi!! Utrolig hvor oppfinnsom man blir når man fryser! Og badekar er flott "avlastning" ;)
    Flotte layouter har du laget - den saken er iallefall helt klar!!
    Koser meg alltid med dem ;)

    KLEM - håper du / dere får en fin søndag!


  3.'> 11:03 AM

    We had and still have snow too!! Yesterday it was beautiful, today it's the wet kind. But - better than nothing! *yippieh*

    Your layouts are amazing, Ania, love especially the 'Dollhouse' one. Can't stop looking at them. Have a great Sunday!


  4. tessa Said,'> 2:31 PM

    Nydlige lo'er!!!


  5. tessa Said,'> 2:34 PM

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  6.'> 5:46 PM

    LOVE you Badgirl is it that you continually produce such stunning work???
    you rock!!
    and I must have some halogen light bulbs from the same factory as yours.....mine have to be replaced at a sickeningly monthly basis...URGH!


  7. Hilde Said,'> 10:51 PM

    digger dine Layouter!!
    og titter stadig innom.

    Mandagsklem fra Stempelgal!!


  8. Anonymous Said,'> 7:58 PM

    I love your work. These LO are amazingly gorgeous!! I'd love to be able to scrap like you. So far I'm still a bit timid to layer too much, not just paper, but stamps or elements. Thanks for your inspirations!


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