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~~ Random bits by the end of the week ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, February 17, 2008
Sunday - and time for random bits from here and there.

  • Monicas minichallenge on Scrappedugnad inspired me to make this - it's not really a card, and it's for my dad, not a friend (tho - dad's also a friend so uh? :p) but I did follow the directions otherwise. Letsee.......two ribbons...well, the burlap is cut into ribbon so that counts along with this lovely brown ribbon from Prima no? :p Stamp - love this angel from Prima! Distressed - inked the edges of the stamp.. bling...Heidi Swapp bling on the stamp..and metal - used a stapler to tie the stamp-motif to the ribbons :p

  • Needed some small gift-tokens so I made a few simple bookmarks this weekend. (veeeery simple ones)
  • I love the sweet stories of Corey Amaro...and I loved reading all about her sweet! :) Make sure you read this and the next few posts :)
  • Through a friends works I've found some interesting links to stuff about kids and play and how they view the world and stuff...found this passage interesting - a bit of a "duh, ofc" moment.. (yes I slept thru the Juul-hype so maybe this is like, wellknown to political correct & responsible parents - i.e. everyone else but me - sorry duh :p)

  • Intriguing points being ....pointed out here about digital portrait retouching...hmm...tbh I'm really on the fence here....but there's a good point re HDR's...where you retain the details from both the shadow and highlights, something that's often not possible to do if you only rely on the camera only kinda but which well, is a part of what you see at
  • Like 26500 people voted for which Neil Gaiman book they wanted available on the net for free. American Gods won with 28% of the votes. American Gods was the very first novel I read of Neil Gaiman - I think I needed a book to read on some trip and I recognized Neil Gaimans name from the Sandman graphic-novels and besides, I thought the title looked cool. I love that book. His imagination is simply amazing and I was hooked from page one. It is however a BIG book - like 800 or more pages... I'm not sure how I'd like to read a book on the screen but guess I'll have to try cause I borrowed my copy to a friend and I'm feeling like rereading it again :p
  • Speaking about rereading books, I wanted to reread "Mrs Dalloway" the other day (such a beautiful book!) but could only find the Norwegian copy of the book here. Bummer. I think I borrowed the English version to dad. Bah. So I started on "A room of ones own" instead. Got to chapter two last night. Hm. It's a bit different than I thought it would be considering that this is an essay, but I'm curious to see where it's leading me.

  • I made this can some weeks ago. Someone in the kiddos class was having a bdayparty and I was too lazy to look for a random car in the toystore :p And hey, I got to play with the grungeboard - painted it red and sprayed glimmer mist on it. Cool. Dunno what the kid thought about it but the parents seemed impressed enough inquiring about how I did this when I dropped by the end of the party to fetch the kiddo. Hey I love glimmer mist. It's fun!

  • I have to say this sundays Pencil-Lines was quite anticipated..for me anyways... you see, we were sponsored by Scrapmuse, and not with any kits, but with kits from 2004. o.O I know! This was certainly an interesting experience to say the least...I knew stuff (and trends hehe) were a bit different back then but I didn't really expect it to be that different! I tried to stick to the kit only but just *had* to sneak in this Daisy D paper (the green striped one) to give this layout a lil color-balance - but everything else is from the kit. Check out what the other girls did - they sure did wonders (way far better than me haha). Our guestDT this week is Sarah Youde from UK - I really like her works and she did a really cool layout /sketch for this one (which I turned and modified somewhat :) )

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  1.'> 7:36 AM

    I so love the gift for your dad, it's perfect! And I am with you with the PL's layout this week, it wasn't easy to do. But I really love your layout, you did a great job!
    Have a fantastic week! :)


  2. Lene S Said,'> 1:46 PM

    Liker så godt å lese bloggen din, alltid masse nytt og spennende på den ene eller andre fronten :o)

    Nydelig liten Vasana i posten under her forresten :o)


  3.'> 4:24 AM

    wow, gorgeous scrapping bits and pieces there!!


  4.'> 3:13 PM

    i love your pl lo this week!!!!
    you did great that kit!
    your can and book mark are awesome...i totally need to do a bookmark for my mom....thanks for the idea!!


  5. mi@ Said,'> 3:18 AM

    Sovet deg gjennom Juul? *hrmf*

    Flotte prosjekter du har laget. Liker så godt stilen din og fargevalgene!


  6. Sri Said,'> 5:15 AM

    Awesome stuff Ania!!


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