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~~ Snicker ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, February 27, 2008

*snicker* Heard at home:

Daddy: Is daddy best?
Amalie: Noooooo!
Daddy: Is mommy best?

Amalie: NO!

Amalie: AMALIE best!

Full of herself that little one eh? :p
She got us good, we just cracked at her statement haha :D She's also been starting to show some real pixie-moves... like...she knows she's doing something she's not allowed to but she just keeps grinning and eyeing us like she wanna tell us "yeah dare me!" and thinks (knows??) she can get away just by her charms!

Ohwell - my mom's coming today and staying for a few days. It's Adrians birthday tomorrow you see, and she loves being around when it's his bday. It's a grandma thing :p

Anyways. Figured I'd show some peeks on this coming sundays Pencil-Lines sketch - I don't think it looks good scanned/photographed and I am a bit annoyed by that - but the closeups kinda helps showing how nice it actually is kinda. And drop by Scrappedugnad - today was Catrines turn to post and she did some fabby canvases! (yeah - Nowegian only, sorry!)

Remember this? When Sarah Silverman surprised her host-show-bf with this clip:
(not suitable for work or kids I guess...depends..)

Well - he got back at her with this - hahahaha (fast forward to the 2min mark if you wanna skip the blabla):

Pappa: Er pappa best?
Amalie: Neeeeiiii

Pappa: Er mamma best?

Amalie: Neeeeeii

AMalie: AMALIE best!


8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Snicker ~~'

  1.'> 2:54 PM

    love that little conversation with your DD....that is so something i can picture addie saying in a few months time.....
    your sneaks look gorgeous!


  2.'> 11:02 PM

    LOL at Amelia, how sweet


  3. Catrine Said,'> 9:12 AM

    Haha, Amalie har skjønt det! ;D
    Lekre sneakpeaks - gleder meg til å se mer!
    Ha en flott torsdag! *klem*


  4.'> 10:44 AM

    Oh my, your little one is the cutest!!

    And the sneaks look like .. well - when I saw them, my first reaction was a whispered WOW ... looks fantastic!

    Thanks also for the second video, haven't known it yet.


  5. Marit Said,'> 10:36 PM

    Heia Amalie!!!
    Spennende saker på gang ser jeg,
    du inspirer stadig,og jeg tror jeg snart også må prøve meg litt i "høyden" på LO`ene mine.


  6. iris Said,'> 3:13 PM

    She is so cute!! Amalie best! haha. Hey your PL layouts looks great even just from the sneak. Can't wait to see the whole thing.


  7. Sonja Said,'> 6:10 PM

    Kjempefin Sneak. Amalie er jo så sjønn, live også- hi hi synes hun var så sjønn på treff med egne scrappesaker(",)

    Ha en god helg!


  8.'> 4:46 PM

    That is adorable !!! You can only expect total honesty from kids !

    Love the sneaks ..... Aida


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