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~~ Pencil-Lines and pictures :)

Posted by Ania On Monday, February 11, 2008

Yay! Pencil-Lines once again - this time with a lovely lady from Japan - Miyuki Yamaguchi :D
Check out her lovely sketch and the other ladies interpretations here :) I am not sure if the scan comes through well - and I love seeing other peoples closeups so I figured it's been a while since I've offered closeups of my own (apart from the BG layouts) so why not - here's two closeups..yummy ribbons, grungeboard and even transparencies.. cracklepaint and glimmer mist (once again - wish glimmer mist would come thru in piccies & scans! grr!) Look at the cute angel-stamp - yummy Prima :D The piccies are from the 70-ties (my grandparents) & the big family one is from -84 - we used to have a cottage in the mountains - a real old one w/o any electricity nor water..outdoor toilet....and we had to park our cars like 20-25min down the hill (ok, I can't really recall the exact time it took us to walk up - probably it's more like 20 min straight but with us kids and heavy baggage it might have been closer to 30-35min actually....and as a kid you don't really have a sense of time apart from that it took forever to finally get to the cottage! :p).....fetch kids and food and all our stuff and carry'em all up to the cottage...uphills...usually dad had to do this trip twice or even thrice...usually we went there in the summers but we did enjoy some winter/spring in there aswell... I miss the cottage, it was sold when we were like 11-12. Oh and hey look! I'm using Basic Grey!! I adore their papers but rarely manage to actually use them..yay me! :p

Wanna guest-DT Pencil-Lines btw? Check out the info on how to here!

Wrapping up with some piccies from saturday - the neighbourhood-kid is such a cutiepie who's best bud with Adrian and goes to the same kindergarten as Amalie. He's very cute - cares for Amalie - asked several times to hold her hand (and Amalie refused to every time - no! no! no!), watched out for her and helped her up wherever needed. And ofcourse - he loves messing with her with Adrian - they keep running away from her and she goes "me too me too" and they just keep running from her :p Oh and the last shot - she asked me to take a piccie so I did :p I think she must be a mind-reader cause I was holding her hands while she was walking on these things and thinking to myself that hm I gotta take a picture of her against the orange background, that looks so great... but I didn't want to let go of her hand to take the piccie and 20 seconds later she stopped and told me she wanted to have her piccie taken (we had passed the orange background by then but ohwell you know me - I'm always happy to oblige :p)

Tihi..guttungen spiller WoW: Hahah mamma kom og se, hjerter!! (WoW har valentines her om dagen)
Meg: du hva det er for?
Adrian: Ja - Valentines..
Meg: du hva det er for noe?
Adrian: Ja det er for de som blir forelsket og sånn..
Meg: du forelsket?
Adrian: Mmm..nei..ikke helt enda..
Meg: Tror du at du kommer til å bli forelsket i noen?
Adrian: Hmm..nei...eller...jeg vet ikke..


5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Pencil-Lines and pictures :)'

  1.'> 2:06 PM

    Wow, I LOVE your layout, this is so beautiful, especially the keys. And I also love your photos! Have a great week!


  2.'> 6:15 PM

    as always...crazy in love with your layout!!!!
    what cute pics of the the boots!!


  3. Mika Said,'> 7:29 PM

    Great keys in the lo, and the pic with the boots is awesome. Hope to see you around. Mika (


  4.'> 11:08 PM

    aaah herlige bilder!!! Saa soete de er! :D
    Og den LO'en, NYDELIGE detaljer <3 wow! saa koselig med hytte paa fjellet!

    Haaper du hadde en god helg!


  5.'> 5:57 AM

    Just adore the layout you did for PL!! Very cute piccies too!!


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