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~~ I'm a Bad Girl! ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, February 24, 2008

Corinne Delis guested us at Scrappedugnad on friday - challenged us to do a layout with journaling from the heart. Loved her challenge. Mine's about how stupid I find this parenthoodthingie....I mean - from the moment you know you've concieved someone there's nothing but worries, worries and even more worries and it never seem to end!!! ;p

AND YAY!!! Me soooo happy!!!! My BG kit arrived yesterday and from the moment I went to fetch it and open it I've felt a mojo I haven't felt in ...WEEKS! You know I've complained about my layouts lying around on the table for 3-5 days before I finally get around to wrap them up...well, I finished two layouts and almost a whole minibook just yesterday!! Wrapped up the minibook today and am on my way into my third layout with this kit!!! I have to confess though.....when Wendy (the owner of Bad Girls) told us what we'd expect from this kit...I went...uh-oh. Yes. I had my doubts. Really. But hot damn!!! I'll NEVER EVER EVER doubt her again!!! I've had SO MUCH FUN with this kit.... I would honestly never buy most of the papers in this kit on my own so I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw it irl and how easy things got together.... yay!! And the embellishments she puts together....they just totally rock... as usual this is such a jam packed kit with LOTS of stuff! (okok, that's todays commercial - but really..I AM that stoked!!)...and look what was inside the box too......*swooon* the BG Apron!!!!! The one with LUSHIOUS (is that a word? well, it is now! :p) blingbling spelling out "Bad Girls" so so totally freakin cute!11!! Ofc I had to take a photo of myself in it and Amalie thinks we're gonna bake when I wear it on (ok I havent unworn it since I got it yesterday :p) so I've baked brownies and bread now so she can be satisfied :p Oh, and she demands wearing her own apron she is after we made the brownies....yes..I let the kids eat the leftovers of the dough.... yes.. it might take some time before I remember to wash her.... yes.... sometimes she likes to put on the skiing-glasses and walk around telling us she looks funny..

Ps...that apron is available for you too - all you have to do is to join the monthly challenge at Bad Girls using the current kit or add-ons or project-kit :)

Ohwell! Peeks on the BG kit?
I'll post more peeks later - but here's two for now :)

And here's Amalie again :)
I lucked out with this one - was taking photos of a layout in front of the windows and she came up to me asking if I wanted to take her photos...basking in the grey light coming through the windows :)

Ps! Minneriket is going through a number of upgrades....good stuff inc ladies... but it also means that the site will be unavailable & stuff at times...but should be done sometime tonight or tomorrow... drop by the blog for updates during the downtime :)

Ps2! Check this out - Pink Paislee has launced their Live Pink site - complete with lots of nifty features...

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I'm a Bad Girl! ~~'

  1. iris Said,'> 7:36 PM

    Ok a few things I need to say.. 1. You look great in your apron! 2. Your layouts are fab as always. 3. Your sneaks made me go ahhhhhh (so pretty!). 4. Amalie is such a sweetheart!


  2. Ellen* Said,'> 10:24 PM

    Hehe - artig å lese bloggen din, ania!!:o) Og det bildet av Amalie var sååååååå fint!! Ha ei strålende uke! *klem*


  3. Unknown Said,'> 12:13 AM

    Amazing photos and layouts!!!
    Cool sneaks!!!


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 1:32 AM

    Those peaks are stunning Ania! And DANG Girl, you look hot hot hot in that FAB apron!!! I want one soooooooooooo {BAD} Thanx for the peaks!


  5. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 10:46 PM

    Nydelig bilde av Amalie :o)


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 4:47 AM

    Hey Ania,
    Peeks look Great!!! And you look Smashing in your Bad Girls Apron!!! Wendy needs to have one made for your dd too! Love those goggles...LOL
    Denise aka scrap.girl


  7. ちゅと Said,'> 5:36 PM

    Your daughter's eyes! So so so adorable. Can't help hugging if she's near me...


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