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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ Pencil-Lines & stuff ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, February 27, 2011


Pencil-Lines sketch #227 – created with the new “Sweetheart”-papers from 3ndypapir :) Oh, and some Hambly, old letters from Heidi Swapp & American Crafts and a sheet of Crate Paper (the striped one), as well as a tag from Elle’s Studio :) The image is taken w/my iPhone at the library – they have a nice little section for kids w/this chairhousethingie :)


The paperflowers are cut from a sheet of the green paper in “Sweetheart” and layered – same thing w/the angel..


I like that there’s no need to edit the images when taking pictures w/my iPhone – they’re usually edited already, either with filters (I love Instagram & Hipstamatic) or by using the editingprogs TiltShiftGen or Filterstorm. And – for my needs – just printing them small-ish, they’re just perfect and prints beautifully. I also like the Pocketbooth-app (Amalie loves this one), but haven’t tried to print out these images yet.



I’ve also felt the itch to take more pictures of my kids w/the DSLR & edit them, it’s actually very fun and rewarding doing so…I think I’ll aim to get better at this..




listening: to Amalie singing various tunes
eating: our new dinner-fave (throw diced rutabaga, carrot, potatoes, garlic, onions together w/meat (tonight we did shreds of leftover-chicken&diced vossakorv), some water, some cream and broth), let simmer for an hour or more – until the rutabaga is soft..mmm,.. add either World’s Best Dinner Rolls or English Muffins (we had the latter, I froze some from last time & it’s still so very yummy when thawed&reheated in the oven) – lovely!
drinking: tap water
wearing: some old cord-pants and a purple knit jacket.
feeling: stuffed & tired! :p & looking through some babysession-piccies and getting excited for next week’s babysession!
weather: blah blah – this one is such a boring q – good thing there’s only one more day left of this “feelings”-thing! ;p
wanting: not much – two cakes already baked (I went for this for the chocolate one and this as the base for the marzipan-one) – all I need now is tomorrow’s pizza&hotdog-baking to go just as smooth :)
needing: I dunno..maybe a glass of wine just to commend that I’ve been such a good baker today? ;p
thinking: how weird..tomorrow my oldest turns 10…yikes! (and how unfair for him that because I’ve been such a bad planner for his bday I’ve decided to try get better when it’s Amalies turn in a few months…ofcourse it remains to be seen whether I actually manage to get better at planning stuff, but still…)
enjoying: being done w/todays chores..
wondering: is it weird buying vanilla beans on ebay? (just say no :p)


pattyo Said,

1:38 AM

I think the card is perfect! Share the recipe for oreo muffins, although I guess the measurements would be different from what I know.

Thank you! :) The Oreo Muffins can be found here (in Norwegian); here’s the English translation (she originally got the recipe from her US sister-in-law, so it should be easy to reverse the measurements):

Oreo Cupcakes

1 stick of butter
3 large egg whites
1 cup milk
2 cups (all purpose) flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon salt
0.85 cup (caster?) sugar (this one was difficult, it says 190gram sugar, but it doesn’t translate into anything “smooth” US-wise like the other measurements)

45 oreo cookies


Start with taking apart the oreo-cookies – place the part w/the white filling filling-side-up in the muffin-forms. Bat the butter airy, add milk+vanilla, then flour/baking powder/salt – continue mixing – add sugar – mix/bat for approx 2 minutes – add egg whites – bat/mix for 2minutes at high speed – then add the rest of the oreo-cookies (which’s broken into 2 or 4 halves and lightly mixed with a bit flour).

Put in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 350F


We’ve eaten it w/o frosting (delicious), but am thinking that next time I’ll try the frosting she mentions in the reciepe:

21 oz philadelphia
1 stick of butter
2 teaspoon vanilla extract
3-4 cups icing sugar (hmm or is it confectioners sugar? Very very finely grounded sugar..)
roughly grounded oreo-cookies w/o cream little girlie yellin at me, I’m supposed to introduce her to Sound of Music, gotta run! ;p

Ps. The design team call for Pencil-Lines ends tomorrow – don’t forget to get your application in :) It’s a wonderful team to work with, I’m going to miss them lots!

Ps2. Norwegians, look at this! Nathalie Kalbach and Wenche Wold are going to teach at this upcoming Papirfesten! Nat is a wonderful, amazingly creative soul whose classes really have to be experienced, and if you’re into cardmaking I’m sure Wenche could show you a thing or two! Really contemplating going, but with so much going on at that time I’m not sure if I really can, sigh….maybe….?

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Pencil-Lines & stuff ~~'

  1.'> 11:55 PM

    Love the layout and your cutout details! Thanks for the recipe. I'll definitely be trying this. On the icing recipe, it is confectioner's sugar we use. I assume the "21 oz. Philadelphia" is for cream cheese?


  2. Zarah Said,'> 11:21 AM

    Otroligt snygg LO! Du är grymt duktig. :)


  3. Trude Julie Said,'> 12:41 PM

    Så kule bilder!
    Godt tips om Papirfesten, kommer du? Jeg skal i alle fall :) Håper å se deg igjen.


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 4:51 AM

    I'm so going to make these Ania...num. Ethan is going to be in heaven for sure!! :) Thanks for posting the recipe!


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