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~~ C’mon, ketchup! ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Before starting the catchup-post – I’d just like to say thank you for the nice comments to the babypictures of Lykke :) And if anyone would like me to photograph their babies, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I love babies and I need practice learning how to shoot them consistently good so I’m cheap for the time being ;) (I also do weddings and stuff by the way ;p) Right. ‘Nuff selfpromoting =)


Looks like “all” the other DT-stuff decided to get posted all at once – that’s just so typical (once I create stuff I hate usually having to wait to share them) – so it seems like all of a sudden I have a lot of projects to share..


This is an exploding-box I created for my nephew when he got confirmed. You can find step-by-step-explanations here. The materials used is mostly Father like Son from Fancy Pants Designs, plus a tag from Elle’s Studio inside.

box_cu1  This box only has one layer – I think that’s more than enough for my use. I sewed pockets for money on the sides – this is something Polish Agnieszka usually do, and she totally rocks these boxes!


Then there’s this shadow-box made from a canvas, made as a tutorial for Crate Paper. Which tbh seemed like a great idea inside my head, and still is I guess – I just wasn’t all that satisfied with the end-result. Prob should have done a few things different, like diff. papers and stuff. Ahwell – live & learn! Plus I’m too lazy to redo elaborate tutorial-stuff! :p The materials used here are papers, stickers and chipboards from the Brook and Paper Doll collections.

monocard1 And then we have these lovely (*wink*) monochromatic cards for Pink Paislee. I do my best to pretend I can be snarky too ;p


Gotta say I adore Pink Paislee’s Halloween-line Hocus Pocus. It’s different from the usual Halloween-stuff out there – in a good way, trust me. monocard2

I dunno – I see no harm in these cards – just harmless fun – but I guess – there’s some people I wouldn’t give these cards to because I wouldn’t be too sure how they would react. What do you think? monocard2_open  Oh, and look, the 6x6 pad fits perfectly inside these 6x6 cards (duh). =)


Might as well get done w/the catchup for now, so here’s the rest of the photos from Papirfesten :)

DSC_4754 Eli in front of the landmark hotel.


Up close..


Visiting Oddbjørg’s lovely home :)

DSC_4903 Trying to get Lykke to cooperate – to not much avail :p


Awesome circlethingie :p DSC_4771

Eli w/weird antennas! (yes, this was a planned shot in case you wondered :P)

DSC_4949 A shot of me and Liz Hicks. Meeting her was really nice, she used to be my contactperson in Tattered Angels (when I was a TA-educator). Tbh I was not sure if she would remember/recall me, so it was a pleasant surprise when she indeed did. She seemed to be a really lovely person, walking around talking to everybody just like that – I sure wish I was as outgoing as her! I tend to only dare go to&speak with people I know in advance! I’m glad she asked for the photo as I was too wussy to ask myself! Haha :) Now I have a picture of me and Liz, yay! :)

DSC_4963 Here she is again, demo’ing for a lot of very, very focused women :)
(And while I realize that being taken pictures of while teaching/demoing is just something you have to accept, I can only dream of looking as gorg as she do when teaching PACS later this year. Sigh. Be gentle with me please :p)


And lookie *wave Eli & Gry* – we didn’t try the local menu, but we noticed it seemed real cheap – 49NOK for a child? ;p

DSC_4978Gry came all the way from Belgia, so she brought chocolate and um, Rum for us (yeap, blaming Gry for that one alright, let’s ignore who actually requested it mkay? ;p).


I’m not sure why this picture, but eh, yeah, iPhone – me wantsssssss…… DSC_4990bw

Cheers! DSC_4997   And finally, a group-photo of me and my lovely room-mates (whom unfortunately aren’t to be trusted if you’re standing in front of an elevator OR if you leave your camera unattended in the room…COUGH! COUGH!)

Right! Think I’m caught up now – only have to share the stuff I actually managed to create during Papirfesten (no small feat if you know me – I rarely manage to scrap at crops, and always end up with “need-to-finish-at-home”-projects…but not this year – I finished two layouts & two cards, yay!) – just think a few of them will go to various DTs, so not sure when I can share come to think of it :p


Right, gonna wrap this looong post w/urging you all to drop by my dear & talentful friend Ellen’s blog (she’s also my librarian! Well, not really mine, as she belongs to another faculty, but still :p) – she’s celebrating her blogs 4th anniversary with a lovely giveaway – you have three chances to win either of these items!


4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ C’mon, ketchup! ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 11:58 AM

    Haha- til antennene :P Funket jo da ;) Og rom og cola var moro; du må bare huske på at de gamle er eldst og vet best; og det gjelder å slutte i tide! ;) Jeg er så avgjort den slemme så jeg har ikke tenkt å late som at jeg aldri mer har tenkt å stikke av foran en heis; det der var instinkt *lol* Og bildet med fontenene foran hotellet; smart å høre på gammel dame som hadde googlet - det ble jo bra!! ;) FLOTTE ting du har laget og hinthint; jeg har snart bursdag og jeg tåler sånne kort *hihi* Takk igjen for en KJEKK helg vennen!! Klem, E


  2. T:o)ve Said,'> 9:29 AM

    Masse flott inspirasjon her, så kanskje jeg kan få fingrene igang med litt scrapperier igjen snart...? :)
    Så ut til at dere hadde det flott på papirfesten, og lykke til med kurs for deg senere i høst! Det blir sikkert strålende på alle måter :)

    Ha en videre strålende uke!


  3. Ania Said,'> 8:22 PM

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  4. Grylla Said,'> 9:28 AM

    Hey, jeg gjorde jo bare som jeg ble spurt om og tok med meg litt rom jeg :))
    Takk for koselig selskap forresten. Gøy å se deg igjen, og gleder meg til jeg skal innom og se hvordan du gjør det på pacs. Kan ta med mere rom jeg *lol*


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