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~~ Lykke – babypictures ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, October 05, 2010

On Friday, before Papirfesten officially started, we (me and Eli) had delicious lunch at Oddbjørgs lovely place. I however, was pretty distracted the whole visit. There was someone I wanted to shoot the whole stay…(with my camera ofcourse)DSC_4792

Little Lykke, Oddbjørgs little babygirl :)
I mean, how can you expect me to sit next to a one week old baby and not take any pictures? Nuh-huh. Does not compute. I was itchiiing…


So finally, Oddbjørg showed us her newest little girl.. DSC_4809

A real little sleepyhead.. DSC_4826bw

So, so cute. Darn newborns! Too cute for my own good! DSC_4833bw

I did not plan on taking any babypictures, so I didn’t bring my 50mm nor reflector. The pictures did turn out well enough, though :)DSC_4852

It’s sorta impossible for babypictures to not turn out well come to think of it :p DSC_4862

I have to admit I struggle with figuring out what angles to shoot a baby from – it’s not that many for a baby this little, I think? She was too little to manage to hold her own head up, even supported with her arms – but she’s strong for her age.DSC_4878

She had her eyes closed most of the time, so I don’t have that many pictures with her eyes wide open. DSC_4916

But I’m happy with the few w/eyes open, although I do wish I had the camera more straight towards her and not tilted/from the side, sorta. Practice makes perfect I guess. DSC_4927

Awww – mommyhappiness (pun intended - “Lykke” means “happiness” in Norwegian) DSC_4929 Gotta love such pictures :)


Oh, and another happy incident from this past weekend – on Sunday my pictures ended up in BT (the paper to the right in the photo - which is like, Norways 4th biggest paper by the way :p). I got a call from them last week asking to buy a photo of a priest I had taken pictures of for the local newspaper before the summer. Uh, hello, sure thing! I was just happy my picture would end up in their paper, I didn’t ask what case it was for either, heh. I just hoped it wasn’t something bad, like, corrupt priest or anything like that, especially as I sort of knew the priest too (he used to play basket) :p (for non-Norwegians – the priest that’s pictured gave/said the Churchs prayers to a married gay couple with the Bishops blessings – as long as they didn’t go public with the blessings (aka go to the media and announce it). Which is why I guess they had to use my pictures from the archive.)

Nevertheless, they said it probably would be printed on Sunday – so on Sunday I looked for the paper at the airport and lo & behold, it actually made the frontpage! Umkay, I sure needed to whip out the camera and snap a few pictures of the paper w/MY picture on it :D Yay! (and a sincere thanks goes to Eli who asked loudly while I was queuing to buy the paper “whether I wanted people to know I shot the picture on the frontpage of the newspaper or not”. ;) )

To be honest, I had totally forgotten what pictures I took (ie, what quality they were at), and the pictures were sent from the work to BT so I had no control what pictures they sent in for me (the paper keeps the right to use my pictures but when it comes to selling them to others I’m the owner so they can’t sell any pictures w/o my permission – hence me getting the call while they send out the pictures..and I was at the Univ when I got the call so I couldn’t just rush back to work to control what pictures they sent in). And I guess. The majority of the readers aren’t as picky as me, or those with a trained eye. But yeah, I did spot that they did not seem to post-process the photos that much if at all (I recalled too late being told once that they rarely touch a photographers pictures – it’s his or her responsibility to edit the photos before sending in…but I sort of did expect a little more contrasting&sharpening when it was obvious the photos weren’t processed at all..ahwell), and that the pictures seemed slightly off-focus (I didn’t have time to go through all the photos at work, leaving both good and bad photos in the archive..sigh…my bad).

But all in all – I am happy my pictures made it and that it actually did made the frontpage too..helloo! *totally double rainbow!*

Right. Back to reading. Lots to read. Plus, I now have a terrible toothache 2nd day in a row – NO FUN!

15 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Lykke – babypictures ~~'

  1. Lene S Said,'> 10:40 AM

    Så moro Ania! Det må ha vært litt av et kick å se bildet sitt på trykk i en av Norges største aviser..på forsiden! Grattis :) Bildene av lille Lykke og Oddbjørg er helt nydelige! For et vakkert lite nurk, og mammaen ser virkelig flott ut også :) Håper alt er bra med deg!



  2. Oddbjørg Said,'> 10:46 AM

    Fantastisk, hva mer kan jeg si enn FANTASTISK. Takker og bukker for at du tok disse bildene, de er bare helt nydelige.


  3. ~Isabell~ Said,'> 10:49 AM

    ååååååååååå, har du sett en så nydelig baby, du er bare knall dyktig Ania=) Du skulle fått tatt noen av min gutt, men han er allerede blitt 2 mnd nå


  4. Ellen* Said,'> 11:02 AM

    Åhhh - sukk og dobbeltsukk - fantastiske bilder av lille Lykke! Og for en nydelig liten baby! Sukk igjen...
    Og: sååå kult å få bildet sitt på forsida av BT! Go you!:o)


  5.'> 11:04 AM

    Du er dyktig Ania :D


  6. Eli Said,'> 11:14 AM

    Herlige Lykkebilder; snakk om skjønning! og grattis med bildene i BT. Mange på flyplassen som lurte på hva du tok bilder av - har ikke sett en så nysgjerrig gjeng på lenge *hihi*


  7.'> 11:35 AM

    aaah, nydelige mor/barn bilder, og ikke minst nydelig babybilder....du er kjempeflink....


  8. Anne-Britt Said,'> 11:57 AM

    Så nydelige bilder av Lykke og Oddbjørg. Nydelig baby også. Du ver virkelig en dyktig fotograf.
    Og så kjekt med bilde på BT da. Grattis :)


  9. Maren Said,'> 12:10 PM

    Fantastiske bilder du har tatt av Lykke og hennes Lykkelige mor!!! :D Gratulerer med forside i BT!! ♥


  10. anne jorunn Said,'> 2:21 PM

    Nyyydelige babybilder! Gratulerer med forside i BT!!:)


  11. banglamarie Said,'> 6:05 PM

    Nydelig baby og mamma!!
    -og nydelige bilder. Du er flink Ania!

    -Gratulerer med forside på BT :o)


  12. mo9ca Said,'> 6:09 PM

    Nyyydelige bilder Ania, virkelig!!
    Du er utrolig dyktig i det du gjør! Og gratulerer med førsteside i BT - stort!!



  13.'> 8:03 PM

    Nydelige baby/mor-barn bilder du har tatt. Stemningsfulle og flotte!

    Grattis med førstesiden i BT da, må jo ha vært litt av et kick og se sitt eget bilde på fremsiden :D


  14. Brit Sviggum Said,'> 10:07 PM

    Wow, du tar virkelig helt fantastiske bilder!!!! Disse babybildene var jo bare helt nydelige. Gratulerer med førstesiden i BT.
    Så at du var rundt og knipset litt på Papirfesten,ja :) Regner med at det kommer noen bilder etter hvert :)
    Ha en fin uke.


  15.'> 5:15 PM

    gorhoues baby photos and huge congrats on front page!!!!!


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