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~~ Did it just snow?? ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Um I think it did. Ugh!

I hate freezing. I hate sweating. Why can’t the weather be a nice, comfortable & constant in-between? :p

But I digress.

I’m just gonna share my Elle’s Studio-projects for October (check out the other ladies’ galleries here!)..I’ve already shared my Halloween-stuff for the ongoing Halloween-challenge over at Elle’s Studio (enter before Oct 25 for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the store!), so here’s the rest:

crap_web Guess what I found when I was attempting to clean up my paper-stash! BAMPOP! This paper of theirs were one of their cutest imo, which explains why it’s been saved for all these years.. but as with the Basic Grey papers in the other post, I decided it’s now or never. Brought the paper with me to Papirfesten and found a way to use it, yay :) The fun-shapes tags used here must be my favorite with Elle’s Studio – at least they are what I consider Elle’s Studio’s trademark-tags, which made me fall in love with her style and designs long ago.


It’s another of these “oh-high-heeled-boots-I-love-thee-but-must-realize-I’m-now-old-and-goes-for-comfort-these-days-woe-is-me”-layouts of mine. Look at that heart badge – I love it! It’s from Pink Paislee :)crap_cu2_web

While at Papirfesten I found two new loves: White chalk glimmer mist (it’s amazingly opaque & cool – look at the splotches on the tag and the letters…cool, eh) and these thicker-letters from American Craft (fantastic is the name I think). Cool, neutralish font & perfect size! The white ones can be misted in any color too, yay. This number-tag comes from one of my faves from the new stuff from Elle’s Studio, Mix and Match Vintage Number Tags, and counts 1-31. crap_cu3_web See that twine? I stole borrowed some from my neighbours at the crop. I need some of these of my own!


Remember the babypicturs of Lykke?

I wanted to wrap the CD with the pictures in something just as sweet as her..*wink wink*

Enter this combo: Pink Paislee’s Sweetness, transparencies from Hambly Screenprints and tags from Elle’s Studio :)babycard_back_web

Opted for a brad-closure at the back… babycard_cu1_web

Three – because Lykke is the third child :) (hey look, lovely metal-badge!) babycard_cu2_web Gotta love Hambly Screenprint-transparencies – used both the white doily one for the background, and this cute little baby tee as an accessory.

card_web A little while ago I wanted to thank my friends for joining me at a night-shoot, so I created this card for them. Rub-on and transparency from Hambly Screenprints, paper from Fancy Pants Designs and tags from, duh :p


I like the effect rubbing the rub-on this circle tag gave. card_open_web Inside was a set of these lovely magnets from Carambatack Design.


Being part of design teams has its perks (no, really :p).

Thanks to Elle’s Designs (and I believe, also via Fancy Pants Designs at an earlier point), Helmar adhesives were so kind to send us samples of their adhesives, and my favorite is the unique scrap dots tube. It sort of reminds me of the kind of siliconetubes you do your bathroom tiles with (I have no idea what it’s called in English), but the tube states it’s acid free which’s good to know because, uh, you wouldn’t know when reading the precautions on the tube :p

Nevertheless, it’s like a 3 dimensional glue dot, only in tubeform which allows you to decide how much and how dimensional your stuff will be..and since I find it to be pretty unique and I really like this one, I figured I’d share it with you..


I’ve been using it a lot lately (eps as I’ve run outta 3d glue dots, grumble), and I find that it fits my style of scrapping because I often leave my projects I don’t really know how long it takes for it to dry… (I guess that would be a drawback if you’re an impatient scrapper)

ania_sketch_cu1  But when it does, it’s sturdy!helmar2 And it dies clear, which is great for projects with transparencies and stuff :) Me like!


I think that’s it..

oh, I’m no longer a part of the Fancy Pants Designs team, which makes me ambivalent – I’m sad but also happy for the new team – two years on the same team is a long time (yet doesn’t feel like it), so while I would have loved to stay on the team, I really wasn’t that disappointed when I learned I wouldn’t continue to contribute to the DT because I also realize that after two years it’s time to let go… I’ve had a wonderful time, every time the boxes have arrived has been like mini-Christmases (when isn’t when DT boxes arrive? :p) – thank you so much for the chance I’ve had the past two years to showcase your products, Fancy Pants team!! I’ve always have fond memories and I wouldn’t say no if you wanted be back in the future *wink wink* ;)

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Did it just snow?? ~~'

  1. Mari Said,'> 8:19 AM

    fantastisk layout!!!
    Dumt med Fancy Pants, men du har vel nok å gjøre på designfronten anywho, ikke?;)
    Lekkert kort du har laet til Lykke!!
    Så lei meg for at jeg ikke fikk muligheten til å bli med på Papirfesten i år:( Men men, vi får vel muligheten til å ses i en annen sammenheng håper jeg:)

    (Skulle lært noen triks av deg åssen ta fine bilder av layouter...ekke no' flink til det jeg ser jeg *rødme*)



  2. Maren Said,'> 2:38 PM

    Digger layouten! Og kortet var superfiiint. :]

    Snø. :( :( : Godt å se at det ikke er bare jeg som ikke er happy for snøen!


  3.'> 3:04 AM

    'I hate freezing. I hate sweating. Why can’t the weather be a nice, comfortable & constant in-between?'


    Love your projects - always so inspiring!


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