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~~Just because (3ndy stuff) :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, October 13, 2010


That’s just so Cute” have a challenge going on about minigifts/cards for others, which fit very well with these items I made for my mom. You see, my mom needs a little cheer-up these days, so I created some things for her with 3ndypapir-stuff. She’s got them now, so I can share them here now :)

An envelope holding a pair of magnets from Carambatack Design (loves, I think I need more of these, they make such cute mini-gifts). I used mostly 3ndypapir for this one – the heart and script-paper from the new “Hilsen Gudrun”-collection, and the bingo-card from the Bingo-sheet :) The “notes” tag is from Elle’s Design, and the purple note behind the bingo-card is from Pink Paislee.


Here’s the back – buttons tied together. mamma_cu1

Some these roses, bought some white ones at Papirfesten and sprayed’em red w/glimmermist :) mamma_cu2

candybar And here’s a wrapped candybar (nothing’s like Kinder Bueno..mmmm!). I love the nostalgic cutouts from 3ndypapir – cute and I know my mother loves this style :)

snopepost Speaking of 3ndypapir, I think I’ve forgotten to share this one here – I love the backgroundpaper here (an older 3ndypapir-paper). Created at Papirfesten it’s a mix of (a few) new and (lots of) old stuff.


I bought 6 metres of this wonderful ribbon – so easy to color it w/various mists :)snopepost_cu2

Of older stuff I found this green Sassafras-paper, mixed it with the new Pink Paislee-paper (orange) and dug deep in my crop-bag to find this plastic butterfly whose (which?) origin I have no idea of.


Love this shape – from Elle’s Studio :)

Have a lovely week :)

11 intriguing feedbacks to '~~Just because (3ndy stuff) :) ~~'

  1. Sasha Farina Said,'> 12:03 PM

    now where's my kinder bueno? :P


  2. ~Isabell~ Said,'> 12:25 PM

    Knall flott rett og slett, jeg beundrer den lekende stilen din. Alt er så gjennomført og stilig. Tenker at din mor ble kjempeglad

    takk for ditt bidrag=)


  3. ~Isabell~ Said,'> 12:27 PM

    Kinder bueno er bare DIGG, enig med deg der. Utrolig herlig med et motiv som er fra gammelt av. Skjønn innpakning rett og slett

    takk for ditt bidrag=)


  4. Idun Said,'> 1:40 PM

    Fantastisk hærlig å knall kul lo... denne var kjæmpe fin. må bare se å se å se kor arti du har laga den :)


  5. Gunn-Elin Said,'> 2:06 PM

    Beundrer virkelig din fargerike og lekne stil. Så mange detaljer og tinger uten at det ser rotete og tilfeldig ut. WOW!!! Og så heldig mamman din er da :)
    Tusen takkk for et fantastisk bidrag :D

    Ha en fortsatt fin onsdag.

    Klem klem :)


  6. mo9ca Said,'> 6:23 PM

    Der var den ja, skikkelig fin!! -og fineste båndet, ever!!
    Ha en fin dag videre Ania!

    ps. fikk du mailen min?



  7. pia iris Said,'> 11:37 PM

    så masse flott du har lagd. liker din røffe og samtidig søte stil.
    takk for at du deltar. klem pia


  8.'> 1:52 AM

    I'm sure your Mom will love your thoughtful pick-me-up gift. I think nothing is better than handmade gifts. Love the colorful layout.


  9. Camilla Said,'> 9:53 AM

    Kan tenke meg mamman din ble glad! Dette var nydelig. Jeg elsker stilen din! :)

    Tusen takk for ditt bidrag! ;D


  10. Kathy Martin Said,'> 1:47 PM

    Wow! Great projects!


  11. Asil Said,'> 9:58 PM

    Elsker kortet og elsker sjokoladeinnpakkingen! Heldig er mottakerne, for det er så gjennomført fargesterkt og perfekt sammensatt!! Herlig!!!

    Tusen takk for at du deltar! :)


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