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~~ I’m no cardmaker… ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, October 09, 2010

At least I keep claiming so, but looking back the last year I do have to admit I might have created a couple of cards and I might have enjoyed creating said cards. Most of the time.

The reason I still don’t consider myself a cardmaker though, is that when someone says “cardmaker”, I immediately picture stamps and inks and promarkers and shadowing stuff and god knows what…I’m totally not there. Still, I guess I’m scrapbooking cards. Or what do you think I should call myself?

Nevertheless. I’ve created a couple cards lately that I can finally share. Because they’ve finally reached the people who were supposed to get them.


This card was for Maren. I totally hope she found this card alright – I wasn’t able to attend her and Maries celebration. I used Pink Paislee for this card – the background is from 365 degrees, while the rest is from Hocus Pocus. Love that line! Esp the Flip Notes and the Doodads (the circle thingie made of felt and tree and bling :D)


Yeah yeah. Banners inside, plus the journalthingie was sprayed w/orange glimmer-mist :) vips_cu1

Closeup – again – love the doodads and the flip note :) vips_cu2 Oh, and it’s been a while since I used torn book-pages – now I’ve used it twice in a week. Hm! The red scallop is from Bazzill – “Just the edge cardstock strips”. I do try to use things I have lying around, sorta :p


The next card was for the other bdaygirl celebrated – Marie. Here I used Fancy Pants Designs – “Rusted Sun”. marie2

Oh, and a tag from Elle’s Studio inside (the happy bday-one). envelope2

Since Marie was gonna safekeep the cards for me, I sort of had to create an envelope for this card so that she wouldn’t see the card itself until the celebration. Again I used papers & stuff from Rusted Sun. envelope2_back And the back – held together by two small fishy epoxybrads :p

85 Hmhm, fairly sure I haven’t shared this card before. It was made for my hubbys grandpa who turned 85 earlier this fall. Have used stuff from mainly Crate Paper, along w/transparency frame from Hambly, tag from Elle’s Studio and ribbonflower from Maya Road.


When you use doublesided patterned paper as the base for your card, you sort of need to make sure the inside of the card is as nice as the outside.85_cu1

Love layering & clustering stuff :) 85_cu2

Usually I just make sure it’s possible to write something inside, but this time I felt like decorating the opposite side too. Love that transparency/rubon from Hambly!

rawr And finally – the last card for tonight – one that I made for a contest at Papirfesten, where you were supposed to create your own background, use buttons, create your own embellishment and use ribbons in a fanciful way. If I recall correctly. You can see my background sure is selfmade. I added a Hambly-transparency upon it.


And I cut out a heart outta corrugated cardboard, added some black doodlebug glitter to it (never again. I keep saying I’ll never use glitter, yet I do once in a while and every time I just regret it. Too messy for the cute result!) The glitter was covered w/Crackle Paint (clear one). Oh, and gems were attached to the paint. See the awesomely cute backthingie the heart is attached to? I puched it outta a piece of cardstock Gry tested various newly purchased glimmer-mist on. It was so pretty, I couldn’t bear to throw it away! (and thank you Gry for the letters here..and Eli for the tag..)rawr_cu2

Here’s my fanciful ribbon, shaped as a flower and glitterified somewhat (I added glitterglue to it, regret my decision and tried to remove it but nuh-huh). Being at a crop is nice, I asked my friends if they had a miniclothing-pin. No luck, but a sweet lady at the table across us heard me and offered me to check her stash – and this orange one fit perfectly! Thank you so much! :) rawr_cu3      Mkay. NUff piccies of cards.

What do you picture when you hear the word “cardmaker”?
A stamper, sort of, like I do? Or cards that’s created by scrapbookers. Or letterpress-cards?

9 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I’m no cardmaker… ~~'

  1. Heather Said,'> 9:47 PM

    I personally think there are just different styles of cardmaking. I like the more scrapbook style like yours, rather than coloured in stamps etc I think anyone who makes their own cards [as opposed to just buying them in the store like me] counts as a cardmaker..


  2. Lizzie Said,'> 10:46 PM

    It doesn't matter how you choose to make cards; the point is that you take the trouble to create something special and hand-made, just for someone you care about. That's what Cardmakers - and Scrapbookers - do!
    These are just lovely, Ania! I do love your layered, scrappy-type style.

    LOL glitter! I just use glitter-glue (Stickles mainly) these days - no patience with the sprinkly stuff. Apart from having to hoover it up from the floor and wash it out of your clothes, it takes weeks to get it out from under your finger nails!! IKKKY!


  3. banglamarie Said,'> 12:07 AM

    ikke en kortmaker du liksom :P
    Kjempefine kort!!
    Takk for kort forresten!! Du er super *klem*


  4. Monica Said,'> 12:14 AM

    Dette vaar jo rene kunstverkene!! Likte de veldig godt!!! Stilige farger og masse lekre sammensetninger!

    Takk for titten og inspirasjonen!!


  5.'> 1:35 AM

    I think you can officially call yourself a cardmaker, too! I just think cards most of the time are mini scrapbook pages.


  6. gudrun Said,'> 2:20 AM

    Helt hærlige kort min venn. :)
    Ja, treffe er gøy! da kan man alltid få noe, låne noe og alltid bli full av masse kreative ideer. :)


  7. Carrin Said,'> 11:21 AM

    Det er sjelden jeg får lyst å lage kort altså! Ekstremt sjelden faktisk! Men nå datt det over meg her. Guuuu så lekkert ania!


  8. Vibeke Said,'> 9:15 PM

    Disse var jo sååå kule da!! Digger dem!!
    Synes du har en skikkelig KUL stil :)


  9. Trude Julie Said,'> 1:40 PM

    What nice, cute cards!
    To me a cradmaker is not necessary someon who stamps and colours their cards (I rather use the notion Stamper for them). So Ania, you're a cardmaker and a scrap(book)er! 'Nuf said...


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