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~~ Sketches galore – Crate & Pencil-Lines! ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, October 16, 2010

ania_sketch When I got Emily Pitt’s sketch for the Crate Paper’s monthly challenge, I knew I had to jump onboard. Usually a sketch which opens up for so many pictures makes me shy away, but I had just been at VilVite and had a lot of pictures I knew I wanted to scrap but wasn’t sure how.


So this sketch was oh, just so perfect at the time :)
And really, if you don’t feel like scrapping that many pictures (I know I’ve been there myself when it comes to sketches) – just put the squares together into bigger pictures, or replace them with paper cut outs, like above.


Or replace them with embellishments, like this chipboard-one. ania_sketch_cu3

So, if you have a little Crate-stuff lying around and would like to join – don’t hesitate! The latest guest designer was actually chosen from the sketch-submissions for August – so it’s a great way to be “seen” by the people behind Crate Paper – you’ll never know! :)ania_sketch_cu4 One last closeup…:)


On to another topic – Pencil-Lines celebrates its FOURTH year tomorrow (Sunday)! I’ll leave the word to Anna, the founder of Pencil-Lines:

Can you believe that tomorrow we are celebrating 4 years of inspiration and creating new sketches for you!

Our design team has gone from strength to strength, we have had over 200 amazing guest designers, and over 40 gorgeous RAKS have been sent out to you, our readers and fans! Pretty impressive dont you think.

Tomorrow we are celebrating with sketches past and present. Our design team have chosen a sketch from the archives, and will be sharing with you why they love sketches so much.

On the hour, every hour from 8am GMT, a sketch will be posted along with a RAK from one of our sponsors. That is alot of prizes and alot of inspiration! At 8pm GMT we will post a brand new sketch as normal.

To start the celebrations off, go spread the word and pop our blinkie on your blog, leave your name below (at the PL blog), with a link to your blinkie! I will draw a winner on Sunday at 8pm GMT!


Cool, eh? :)
I stole borrowed the above image from Sasha by the way. I thought it was awesome (notice how it’s a peek of her own layout at the same time?) and I hope she doesn’t mind :p


Before you leave, I just HAVE to ask you:DSC_5647

What IS it with kids (mostly little girls) and BLUE eyeshadow!?!?
(or that pose ><)

DSC_5655Luckily she’s still our little dino-girl, although her poses are getting more and more…girlier…
Hm. She’s still young, I do my best to push non-cutesy-pink-clothes on her (95% of the time anyways..), and leave the girlie-toy-purchasing to others (unless it’s about Hello, Kitty!), try to tell her she can do anything on her own if she just puts her mind into it... still….she wants girlie stuff and… is a girl.. and I am proud of her anyways, and think she’s cute when she do that stuff, just… would like to tone down the girlie stuff a little notch although I have to admit she’s not *that* girlie as most girls...yet..

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Sketches galore – Crate & Pencil-Lines! ~~'

  1. Maren Said,'> 6:30 PM

    *ELSKER* Dino-drakten! Hahah, så fantastisk!!! :D


  2.'> 1:21 PM

    I love the small photos- they make a huge impact! Oh, and blue eye shadow is a little girl's best friend! Hugs!


  3. Eli Said,'> 6:00 PM

    For en super måte å feire 85årsdagen sin på! Knall med alle de små bildene på layouten; du er god på det der :) Amalie er jammen en søt dinosaur - og du; blå øyeskygge er KULT! Så det så ;)


  4. Mey Said,'> 7:55 AM

    I've just discovered your blog thanks to the Fanfreluches Design spotlight, I love your work!


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