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~~ On a roll … ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seems like whenever I’m fairly ahead of the DT-deadline-schedule (because I know there’ll be busy times ahead), I just get antsy when I don’t really have much to scrap like, now, so I just look for challenges and stuff to do. Which is good I guess, because when I haven’t done non-DT-challenges in a good while I get a bit sad.

skissed I cleaned up my stash the other day but could not bear to part w/these Basic Grey-papers (I did get rid of a few though, yay me!), and filed them away under “oughta-scrap-with-soon-when-poss”. Well, when seeing the newest Skissedilla-sketch #81, with sketch by Brit, I figured I’d just join in w/these papers & that photo :)


It was tough to cut into that orange paper – it’s so gorgeous – but I knew that if I didn’t it’d just stay in my non-DT-paperstash and, well, gather dust.  skissed_cu2

So I cut into it a lot :p skissed_cu3 I even found some old fruitcake-letters haha :p

Here’s the image by the way, plus an extra – I wanted to take some shots here at night, but didn’t want to go alone, so brave Eli joined me – and to my surprise, her husband did too, which’s great, cuz he had this van w/a sorta upside-backdoor that sheltered my camera from the heavy rain and he braved the rain to light up the statue for me while shooting. Couldn’t have done these shots w/o these two!


It’s still Fall Break here, so yesterday I decided to just grab the kiddo & go downtown with him. MKay, I might have seen something about some fun foot-thingie going on here on Twitter which contributed to that decision, but...


Some kind of Guiness record attempt req. passerbys to join, paint their feet & walk around.. kiddo didn’t want to first, so I had to have a go at it since they already counted him (but not me cuz I said I was just there to take piccies of the kiddo :p).


  After seeing me in action though, he changed his mind (again) and wanted to try.DSC_5548

Our conclusion: WET and COLD and slightly fun :) DSC_5557We could do as many imprints as we wanted to, so here’s ours (dang his feet are growing so big :p)

DSC_5564Some of the other parts..

DSC_5566I love orange. Why didn’t we do orange?? :(

DSC_5568Just look at this lovely color..

DSC_5571Here’s the info about the project (in Norwegian :p) 

DSC_5589ed When done, we decided to check out the “Press Play”-exhibition. Here’s the Adrian waiting for dad to finish yesterdays lectures so he could join us for the exhibition. Hm, have to say it’s smaller than I expected and that sure, I liked the graphics & images exhibited, but I dunno….I did expect more sorta, although I’m not sure what more…. More concept art (including models and stuff?), little more on reasonings...?

Ahwell, we got the chance to explore the other parts of the museum while there (they had a huge part w/art and stuff from China, the history of design and a jewellery/silver-collection), which was quite enjoyable :) And then we went and had sushi (well, us grownups had sushi, Adrian had hot dog, but tasted sushi for the first time ever and decided it wasn’t that shabby). I’m annoyed that I didn’t take pictures of that :/

Right. Time to try do something sensible today – got lots of texts on Bourdieu I need to go through :(


~Sasha Farina~ Said,

12:03 PM

now where's my kinder bueno? :P

Right here, and I’m gonna EAT it! Bwahaha :p

mo9ca Said,

6:23 PM

Der var den ja, skikkelig fin!! -og fineste båndet, ever!!
Ha en fin dag videre Ania!

Nydelig bånd ja, takk for enablingen (farlig å sitte ved siden av deg på treff, gitt :p), og du – jeg trenger et kurs i sløyfeknyting, får det ikke til i det.hele.tatt! :(

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ On a roll … ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 2:57 PM

    Wow - så kul layouten ble!!! Det var utrolig gøy å leke med deg i regnet; og jeg fikk jo en rimelig lett jobb i motsetning til min gale mann *ler* Bildene ble knall og layouten likeså. Vi må leke mer!!! ;) :) Gøysig med fotavtrykkene; de holdt på å sette det opp når vi var der men ingen tålmodighet til å vente til det var klart so.... godt dere tok ansvar og representerer Askøy ;) Bildet av Adrian nederst der = lovely!!


  2.'> 6:30 PM

    Love all the fussy cutting on the layout. It's gorgeous.


  3.'> 12:35 AM

    Love those bright Basic Grey colors. The Guinness footprint on the sign that is in orange and yellow matches your Basic Grey papers!


  4.'> 10:59 AM

    Love your work! That layout is awesome!!!!!!! Love it!!!!


  5. Maren Said,'> 5:02 PM

    Digger layouten, guiness-forsøket og det nydelige bildet av gutten på den røde stolsofaen. :] Elsker bloggen din. Håper jeg ser deg igjen snart! :)


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 3:22 AM

    så stilig LO. Digga utklippinga, og bildet var kjempestilig!

    Takk for bidraget


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