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~~ Fall ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, October 11, 2010

DSC_5346 Today marks the first day of the Fall-vacation (Isn’t annoying that the national newspapers&radio all claim “fall vacation’s long over” (thinking people in Oslo) when it’s actually just started here? As if those who doesn’t live in the capital doesn’t count :p Oh wait. We don’t :p navlebeskuere)

Nevertheless. I didn’t have any lectures at the Univ for today, so when mother-in-law called and asked if we wanted to go for a little walk w/her and the kids’ cousins we jumped at the chance :)
(yes Eli, that’s in your neighbourhood :p)


I decided to bring the camera along – it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to shoot the kids like this (although it’s a great thing for my limited storagespace, it’s horrible to see how few piccies of the kids I actually have shot the last year compared to usual…although I guess I kind of did overshoot them a lot before, hm, I dunno?). I sure didn’t regret the decision – love the pictures I got today!


Amalie and her grandma…the latter carrying Amalie’s vest :pDSC_5381 Took a quick break and the boys thought it would be funny to just point at the sky. Umkay – fine w/me – it’s an opportunity to get a fun shot so I ushered Amalie to join the guys :p


Silly kids (love the colors of fall, though :) )DSC_5407 When we reached the top it was time to break out the snacks.


It was a plateau w/ a couple of ventilation pipes, which the kids had much fun with.DSC_5415

Like yelling into them (fun echo). I sincerely hope there were none below us (seemed to be some kind of parking space, or power-station or similar? Dunno) DSC_5416 DSC_5424 DSC_5448

Playing hide-and-seek – I’m not sure which angle I love the most – think both are great (of the one above and below) DSC_5451 DSC_5469 They’re quite the trio..

DSC_5477aAgain – gotta love the colors of fall :)

DSC_5329a And oh, Amalie’s got her first loose tooth! She started crying because she thought it meant she had to pay the dentist a visit – but Adrian calmed her down by confirming she didn’t have to go to the dentist, that the loose tooth meant she’s now a big girl and more important, by reminding her that that tooth meant she’d soon earn some money :p


Thanks for your feedback on the last post – I see I need to rearrange how I think of the term “cardmaker”. I think both Lizzie and Pattyo put it especially well:

Lizzie Said,

10:46 PM

It doesn't matter how you choose to make cards; the point is that you take the trouble to create something special and hand-made, just for someone you care about. That's what Cardmakers - and Scrapbookers - do!

pattyo Said,

1:35 AM

I think you can officially call yourself a cardmaker, too! I just think cards most of the time are mini scrapbook pages.

It is true – the point being taking the trouble to create something special and hand-made (although I would think taking the time to actually hunt for the special card would count too, for those who buy cards), and that cards are really just mini scrapbook pages – maybe even easier, not really having to think of piccies and title and journaling…just…embellish the page/card.


So. That’s it. Guess I’m a cardmaker aswell. Haa! :D

Back soon w/more scrappy stuff, just felt inspired to share these fresh outta the oven-piccies :)

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Fall ~~'

  1.'> 12:53 AM

    Love the photos! Looks like everyone had a fun day!


  2.'> 10:31 AM

    Love the one of "silly kids!"


  3. Eli Said,'> 6:58 PM

    Yey for mitt nabolag ;) Fin tur opp dit. Nyt høstferie og finværet!


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