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~~ How ‘bout a box or two? ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 04, 2011


Remember Scenic Route?

Ah, loves..when they went out of business (sad :(), my friend and I hoarded a lot from their final sales. I am sad to report that I’m still hoarding the papers and embellishments I purchased then – often looking at them and deciding against using anything from the huge pile of SR-papers because….they’re like, the last ones ever! SR2

Anyways, I am happy to report that I actually forced myself to use a few of the whole sheet papers, and a number of the scraps I had hoarded. I am so proud of myself.


Sigh…why aren’t there that many cool, tough teenboyish papers out there!? Papers that you wouldn’t be too embarrassed using/giving to a teenager… *doublesigh*

I created two boxes to make the gifts more personal. They contained t-shirts.


The papers are so cool both inside and out…I almost regret having used the papers when looking at the pictures…


Ahwell…good thing I have like 10-15cm left of Scenic Route papers….and working on forcing myself to actually use them….hm? :p


Right. Back to todays “feelings”, or whatever this is called….I’m finding out that I actually like this, it’ll be a nice way to document the everydayME/snapshots of me for February..I’ve never been a diary-kinda-gal, and have found such things weird and boring before (so I don’t blame you for ignoring my “feelings”), but that’s until I actually tried it myself. I now find that this actually is fun.Not too bad. I need to make a mini outta this methinks :) Do try it yourself too :)


februar 03, 2011-11

listening: to Karius og Baktus..(we’ve been to the library, borrowing various children’s audiobooks)
eating: American Pancakes (today’s a day off for the kids (planleggingsdag) = made them yummy lunch)
drinking: Hot Chocolate
wearing: Wet socks reminding me that I really oughta find myself new rainboots/wellies.
feeling: Sad, angry and upset when reading and thinking of Alvdalssaken (an ongoing trial in Norway in its final procedures these days, where a family and their neighbours are accused of (and guilty of, as there’s apparently hard proof for most of the involved) paedophilia and incest over years). It shouldn’t - yet it still horrifies me learning of adults capable of such unspeakable evil.
weather: Undecided between grey & dull and hailstorm and rain and snow.. 
wanting: A little sun and more warmth wouldn’t have been too shabby now…and DRY weather, none of this wet nonsense making my feet wet because I haven’t gotten around to fix me new pair of wellies yet!
needing: someone to whip me from the pc to my scrapcorner (hey, if the kids have their day off today then I’ll also have this day off)
thinking: and looking forward to tomorrows photosession.. and that I maybe oughta refind my historybooks on Middle-East and try to learn more (everything I once learned is bygones now :()
enjoying:’s live newsfeed/studio on Egypt…
wondering: What that weirdo dream I had last night meant – I dreamt that the Asian scrapbookers (notably Iris, Emeline and Yuko. Sorry. No Sasha. Apparently you don’t count in my dreams bwahaha) were lecturing me on how to dress, what colors to wear and NOT to wear (apparently, white makes the folds of my stomach more visible and is a nono :p), and we were watching HUGE waves from afar (tsunami-like), then got sucked (at least I did) by tornadoes and I was thinking to myself while swirling around in the air: “How weird, isn’t this dangerous?”.

Someone please explain to me what that dream meant?

So long..

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ How ‘bout a box or two? ~~'

  1. Trude Julie Said,'> 3:01 PM

    Løves the boxes! And no, I don't understand this hoarding of papers and waiting to use them just in case (denial is a river in Africa...)
    It's so great that you're sharing your daily status too! (Will not try to interpret that dream, but girl...).
    Have a great day and weekend!


  2. Eli Said,'> 3:18 PM

    Flinka! Fine bokser :) Kan ikke forklare drømmen din, men så drømmer du jo ganske så rare ting - som om zoombier og sånt noe ;) God helg vennen! Klem


  3. Heidi Said,'> 1:10 AM

    Kule bokser!!! Jeg er "en av de" som sitter med en ganske så stor mengde Scenic Route papir....vanskelig å "kaste" seg over de...sparer på den minste rest...*fnis*
    ha en super helg Ania :))


  4.'> 1:28 AM

    Your boxes look wonderful! I totally understand the hoarding of scrapbook supplies--like really, what am I saving them for? As far as the dream goes, it made me laugh. Did you eat anything odd before your went to sleep?


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 2:38 AM

    What?! Now that dream was both weird and scary! haha! Ania your boxes are beautiful! Now if only I can do that then I would not be feeling sorry for my neglected paper stash. Lovely projects as always. Stunning pics Ania! You just keep getting better and better at it!


  6. Sasha Farina Said,'> 10:41 AM

    u wanna know why i wasn't there? because i won't be there watching the waves with you.. i'm bloody scared of water don't you remember? i must be somewhere further, under an umbrella, sipping my shirley temple and watching you got sucked in. Hah!heeeheeee!!


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