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~~Three different CD cards/envelopes ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I needed to make three CD-cards, and I know – I’d make things so much easier on myself if I allowed myself to just mass-produce stuff and lift myself sorta, but I dunno…I can’t stand the thought of it and yeah sure, some things might end up looking similar, but it’s never intentional, as I start out by just intending to create different things. Nevetheless, here’s CD-card one, made with papers and chipboard/sticker the lovely Portrait-collection from Crate Paper, brad from hm, the Restoration-collection I think, flowers from Prima, bling from Kaisercraft and letters from Adornit/American Crafts.


I really like how the flowers turned out :) I wrapped the stems of the smaller flowers around the chipboard-frame. And I try to use the “flat” kind of flowers I have from Prima – sigh..I have so many of these, yet I rarely manage to use them..hrmf!


The insides were decorated as well – more papers from Portrait..


And I decided to sew a CD-pocket out of vellum (I get so inspired by people like Danielle and Tara being pretty good at using vellum in their work)


The next CD-card was created with 3ndypapir-papers – mostly from the older “Secret Garden” collection, along with a few buttons (yeah, the same thing here – have too many buttons, use them too seldom! plus, I don’t have the kind of buttons I really need sorta..but it’d be too silly buying even more buttons, when I don’t really use them that much..? Eh..or something like that :p) and white corrugated cardboard (need more of these, that stash is low now and I do use them every now and then).


The round tags are from Elle’s Studio (my fave tags :)), and I decided to use this chipboard-bird (actually, I like using chipboard, it just feels like I don’t have that many of the “right” type though) from Maya Road w/crackle paint and crackle accent.


This flower is from Petaloo..


And this neat trick was found at Danielle’s blog, I hadn’t seen this before and I thought wow, that’s pretty genious – she used a circle-punch to punch out the corners like this. Um, why didn’t I think of that before? I thought it was a great idea to make something look pretty insta-elegant.


Here’s the CD-card opened..and some pieces of the new 3ndypapir-collection managed to find its way here :)


As for the third and last card, I decided to make it an envelope using Fancy Pants Designs’ Valentine-kraftpaper as the envelope. You can see the tutorial I made on this here – it’s very easy (as long as you put the ruler away .p).


I love the around-the-page-punchers I have – I guess I should get some more of these, but ugh, they do cost a fair bit methinks..the flower is from an old box of Prima-flowers..I like them, but they’re a bit bulky so I don’t use them too often (plus, that stash is dwindling aswell. Dwindling stash = hoarding :p). Oh, and I love the trend on banners like this (it’s called banner too, isn’t?) – it seems like especially the Polish/Russian scrappers loves to use this, and well, it is cute :)


Here’s the back of the envelope – w/a brad-closure.



The view this morning..


listening: to Ella Fitzgerald…no..Gatas Parlament atm..<3
eating: my homemade bread, still fresh this
drinking: warm tea
wearing: a knit, warm sweater
feeling: ok..bit stressed though, cause I really need to finish this article asap so I can move on :p
weather: ummyeah, the snow’s still there… 
wanting: the same thing as yesterday :p
needing: more time..
thinking: about the article I am writing on atm..and about the upcoming test-interviews I’m about to conduct…and about the feedback I am waiting for atm....and what I just read from this link sent to me from my sister (in Norwegian, where deaf and hard of hearing people have written about their experiences w/school)
enjoying: being forced to stay at home this…need to drop by the univ soon to pickup some equipment before the…gah..need to find my missing bus-card!! :/
wondering: where my stuff are at, hmm..and why Words always claim it doesn’t find the file the first time, but works fine the second time I try to open documents..that can’t be good..?? :/ (started two days ago or so..)


This was taken yesterday, before it started to snow again…


listening: I hope he bought you roses – Kine’s awesome Valentine (*cough*) playlist on Spotify :)
eating: fresh, homemade bread…mm..
drinking: red wine…shh..
wearing: eh..lizardgreen hoodie…(uh, I like this one!)
feeling: not so bad :)
weather: Actually, it’s snowing again now ><
wanting: sun..warmth…spring!
needing: to buy soil so I can start planting my herbs (no, nothing illegal, duh)..I miss fresh herbs for cooking!
thinking: that there’s such a great array of amazing movies out atm – the last one we saw was “The King’s Speech” – wonderful movie…”127 hours” was great, I didn’t think I’d like it in advance but I did..”Black Swan” – Nathalie Portman has always been amazing, always loved her since “Leon” ..her scene in the toilet when she calls her mom after having gotten the coveted role – amazing! And the French/South-Korean “A brand new life” – a beautiful, beautiful movie, quiet and sweet, it feels authentic and honest, never once falling for the temptation to turn it into like, drama & pathos as one might suspect w/such a theme..(and the actress playing Jinhee…so cute!)
enjoying: the happiness of my daughter when I made her a book :)
wondering: why Helena Bonham Carter always star in period-dramas these days? (either that, or her husbands movies…sure, sure, Harry Potter might not really be a period-drama, but it’s kinda similar isn’t? These kind of movies…)..just wondering..she’s amazing :)

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~Three different CD cards/envelopes ~~'

  1. Lacey Said,'> 5:48 PM

    These are fantastic!! I am definitely inspired to create some of my own to hand off to family & friends with photos taken throughout the year!


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 5:54 PM

    Kjempeflotte CD-cover. Gjennomført lekkert fra ende til annen. Takk takk :o)


  3.'> 1:18 AM

    Love your CD holders. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day--homemade bread, tea, knit sweater and snow! I know I'm probably amoung the few that really love the white stuff--I'm definitely a cold weather person.


  4. Maya Said,'> 8:49 AM

    Knallfine....skikkelig stilige var de!! Du er jammen meg kreativ - fatter ikke hvordan du får tid til alt!! Hadde vært kjekt med en liten forklaring på hvordan du har laget de...hadde trent å lage en haug selv men aner ikke hvor jeg skal begynne engang ;-I

    Hilsen Maya


  5. stephanie mah Said,'> 6:36 AM

    hello.... love all your stuffs. ((:


  6. Trude Julie Said,'> 12:15 PM

    Du er bare helt rå på CD-covre! Forøvrig det meste altså...
    Ella, hmm kanskje jeg må finne fram litt av henne igjen, på tide å legge bort den sinteste musikken kanskje ;)


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