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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ En mormors store stolthet ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, February 07, 2011


Here’s a layout I created with the new “Sweetheart”-papers from 3ndypapir :) The papers are so romantic and tender – perfect for Spring :) I am not quite sure if I am “drowning” the picture with everything that’s around it though, hmm.. the picture is of my mother and nephew…sigh..oh, how I do miss him!


The bling is from Prima by the way..


And the layout is heavily lathered with crackle paint…


Looking for romantic embellishments I found the huge doily…I haven’t used doilies on my projects in forever, and this one was pretty crumpled and stuff, but still fit perfect in here.. also, notice the chandeliers (both rub-ons and transparency) – both from Hambly Screenprints…yey! While a number of my rub-ons are dry and unusable, there’s still a large number of them still in perfect condition – wish I knew why the quality is so random…I believe this is one of my oldest rub-ons, and it was opened…


And – I’m pretty into banners atm (those strip-banners, not the flag-banners).


I’m feeling:



listening: to Tracey Thorn & Belle and Sebastian on Spotify
eating: not much..think I’ll fix me some carrot-snacks soon..
drinking: coffee
wearing: my lizardgreen hoodie <3
feeling: content (heh, almost wrote contempt :p)..although I miss my nephew when looking at the image above!
weather: Grey. Again. Surprise. 
wanting: to learn how to make the perfect coffee (I usually make it too strong..but it’s better than having it too weak and watery :p)
needing: more RAM and space for my PC (and to stop complaining about it and rather DO something about it. I will soon. Need.Money!!)
thinking: about tomorrows meeting with my counsellor (hm, is that the right English word? Veilder for masteroppgaven min), and that I must not forget to mail my niece her birthday-pressie today. 
enjoying: that I don’t have to think about todays dinner! (Going to mother-in-law’s birthdaydinner today)
wondering: Why why why I always have to spill fat/oily stuff on my clothes, leaving darker spots I never manage to get off :( (sure, lay off the greasy food, blah blah) – anyone got any sure way to remove these stains – even older ones? And why I am so schizo when it comes to clothes, I cannot pick a style and stick to it..I wish I had a style…at all…:/


listening: to hubby & daughter making dinner together
eating: salmon w/veggies
drinking: tap-water
wearing: a khaki-dress
feeling: suddenly oh, so tired
weather: Grey. Still snow on the ground. 
wanting: energy :(
needing: more water
thinking: that I’ll hit bed now (it’s only 8pm, but I’m tired and I’m gonna read some first)
enjoying: listening to my daughter telling and asking her daddy stuff while they cook dinner together (and the fact that I don’t have to cook dinner for today! Nor tomorrow come to think of it!)
wondering: whether Haruki Murakami should be read in English or Norwegian (reading “Norwegian Wood” in Norwegian atm)


About my weird dream:

pattyo Said,

1:28 AM

Your boxes look wonderful! I totally understand the hoarding of scrapbook supplies--like really, what am I saving them for? As far as the dream goes, it made me laugh. Did you eat anything odd before your went to sleep?

I know! I am trying to tell myself that, but it’s not easy…
And eating, hmm, I do not think so..I do tend to have weird dreams every once in a while, though, and I’ve been known to have been upset at my husband for things he’s done in my dreams (like it’s his fault…*rolls eyes*)


Heidi Said,

1:10 AM

Kule bokser!!! Jeg er "en av de" som sitter med en ganske så stor mengde Scenic Route papir....vanskelig å "kaste" seg over de...sparer på den minste rest...*fnis*
ha en super helg Ania :))


Hehe, Scenic Route får meg alltid til å tenke på deg – du er jo den ubestridte SR-dronningen :)


~Sasha Farina~ Said,

10:41 AM

u wanna know why i wasn't there? because i won't be there watching the waves with you.. i'm bloody scared of water don't you remember? i must be somewhere further, under an umbrella, sipping my shirley temple and watching you got sucked in. Hah!heeeheeee!!

Here I was thinking it was because you’re not that mean, but hey, I must have been wrong, that’s probably the reason! ;)


Iris Babao Uy Said,

2:38 AM

What?! Now that dream was both weird and scary!

I know! You didn’t intend to be mean in my dream, you were just trying to be helpful, but I couldn’t help feeling so small… but, I have to admit – I would not mind at all getting a few insights on how to dress in real life! Maybe that’s why I dreamed about it – now I can’t stop thinking that I need some help on what to buy (clothes) and how to dress… :)


Ellen* Said,

11:04 PM

Så herlige bilder! Som vanlig!:o) Fotballbildet med pappa'n var helt herlig. Det med gutt og bestefar (?) var óg kjempefint. Jeg har "fotoshoot med Ania" på min ønskeliste også. Det kommer nok en bestilling før eller seinere:o)

Heidi Said,

11:18 PM

Utrolig herlige levende bilder!!! Du er en kanon fotograt Ania!!!!! Rop ut om du skal på disse kanter...herved oppdrag bestilt i så fall!!!!

*blush* :) Takk for fine ord! :)


Eli Said,

11:54 PM

Hahaha - hvilken familie kan det være du tenker på :P Håper ingen zoombier holder deg våken i natt ;) Du er flink til å ta studiobilder også; selv om du ikke syns det er det du kan best selv! Klem


Ingen zombier denne gangen! Var nok dere som var skumlest! ;) Og takk :)


pattyo Said,

1:22 AM

These photos are adorable! I've seen Banglamarie's blog and love the beautiful knitted items she makes, although everything is in Norwegian and I can't understand a word. Perhaps you can pass on to her how talented I thinks she is. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. We're having snowy,icy, rainy weather here.


I will! She’s amazingly crafty and creative – my daughter got a dress and a pair of legwarmers from her as a gift just now – she loves it and am going to use it at tonights birthdayparty :) (photo taken w/the iPhone)


februar 05, 2011-6

HegeAL Said,

1:20 PM

...må bare slenge brann bildene-->> hadde blitt sååå mye bedre med RBK skjerf og drakter. Bare så det er sagt *LOL*
klem igjen :-)

Hahaha :D


domestic goddess Said,

5:46 PM

i need new wellies too! Love the photos. Is your studio based at home?

No, it’s a studio we rent (pretty much all the studio-pictures I’ve taken here in Bergen have been taken at this studio) by Ole Kristian at OKO Studio. He also hosts photography-classes if anyone’s interested – I know several of my friends have taken his classes and are very satisfied :)

Personally I do prefer natural shooting (documenting events unfolding photojournalist-style…if anyone needs a weddingphotographer do yell out :) ) – but it’s a great (and much needed) experience getting to shoot in a studio too, so I am thankful when friends wants me to shoot them. I am sure experts would find faults when it comes to the lightning (standard lightning), and I do wish I could experiment more, but hey, it works :)

8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ En mormors store stolthet ~~'

  1. Fauve Design Said,'> 12:54 PM

    Very inspiring!!Love the layout and facts! :)


  2. Trude Julie Said,'> 1:38 PM

    Absolutely lovely, I totally adore those papers and do believe I have to buy some soon.
    So nice for you to not have to plan dinner, it can be one of those daily drags... Have a løvely day!


  3. Zarah Said,'> 2:15 PM

    WOOOOOW! I love that layout! It's amaaazing!


  4. Elisa P. Said,'> 11:19 PM

    beautiful layout !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Sasha Farina Said,'> 12:35 AM

    heeeheee... love you still! :P <3


  6.'> 1:14 AM

    I think the layout is gorgeous! The embellishing around the photo brings your attention to it. The outfit on your daughter is adorable!


  7. banglamarie Said,'> 10:27 PM

    Fiiiine Amalie. Hun er så skjønn :o)
    takk for gode ord og takk for koselig tur på cafe.
    -og flott layout!


  8. Siv A Haugen Said,'> 7:57 PM

    Denne var utrolig nydelig!! Koselig bilde også :)


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