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~~ The Crate Paper Sketch ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Don’t forget the Crate Paper Sketch for February! The deadline is 25th, and you have to use at least 50% Crate-stuff (old or new – it does not matter) and the sketch, ofcourse. Here’s my take, using the new collection Toy Box to scrap my two nieces….


I love splatters of paint and mist…and butterflies..


And I’m pretty happy w/the way this exact part of the layout was embellished if I may say so myself :p



I don’t have much more to report, so I’ll just press publish now methinks :p



listening: to nothing atm..will be listening to a bunch of kids later today, though..
eating: not much atm…snuck a piece of chocolate just now, though :p
drinking: coffee
wearing: warm clothes..was supposed to be outside doing a feature..
feeling: somewhat happy that noone showed up, cause now I get to work inside instead…trading the biting cold with (for?) noises from children instead :p
weather: the sky is blue & the sun is shining, but man, it’s cold outside! (ok, measly –3 degrees (celsius), but still )
wanting: World Ski Championships 2011 to be DONE. It hasn’t started yet, yet there’s been so much about it in the media the last few weeks..I can’t stand it anymoreeee.. ><
needing: ideas for dinner today..and tomorrow..and the day after tomorrow…hm..feel free to share :p
thinking: that I oughta do more sensible things with my current sparetime than blogging ;p and that I need to remember to take a picture of the kiddo for his bdaygreeting in the local paper :)
enjoying: the coffee and some quiet time before I have to work again
wondering: how fast/slow approvals&various requests will take..



listening: to the television running in the background..
eating: hot dog (busy day, no time to do proper dinner ><)
drinking: water
wearing: my “monument” t-shirt (from Seigmen’s farewell tour back in 1999 at Hulen :) )
feeling: slightly annoyed (no battery = no photos from the basket practice the kiddo was at today)
weather: darn cold! (I got frostbite by just whippin’ out the iPhone to snap some photos outside! True story! :p)
wanting: something sweet, I’ll admit
needing: more accessories…
thinking: that I might have forgotten to add a note or two on todays application to NSD :/ and that goddammit, what happened to all the plans of having lots of time creating individual, crafty invitations for the kiddos bdayparty which we might hold on Friday??!? time just snuck upon me… gah I’m such a sucky mother ><
enjoying: The newest app on my iPhone: Dagens Dikt (Poem of the Day..hmm..need to check if there’s English equivalents to this!…hmm..appears not..anyone?)…it’s free and I truly enjoy getting to know Norwegian poems better…(well, at least those at Gyldendal/Kolon :p)
wondering: how we’ll solve this bdaything, hmhmhm, have to work some tomorrow + have couple appointments tomorrow+weds + really ought to continue work at the university too this week, esp if I need to take friday off because of this bday, could I be so sucky at planning stuff??


Ps. Edited to add:


This was the result of me hurrying to create bday-invitations..unfortunately also the only photo I snapped of them (w/my iPhone) before sending them off w/the kiddo today..I used Crate Paper’s School Spirit for the invitations..and solved much of the headache just inviting the boys in his class to go I just have to bake a cake & remember to bring the kiddo out on Friday (it’s been his wish to celebrate his bday at some entertainment-centre, but I’ve told him no…until now :p)

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  1.'> 1:29 AM

    I love butterflies and paint splatter, too. Love the touches of black velvet here. Nothing wrong with blogging in your spare time--it is probably good for the soul!


  2.'> 1:36 AM

    BTW, there is an English equivalent to poem of the day--Poetry Daily.


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